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Welcome Drivers! Start your engines and take to the streets, prove to yourself and all the other racers that you're the best there is in the Roadclub. Though street racing is illegal and dangerous it is still an active sport in our modern society. Ever since the days of horse and carriage, mankind has been fascinated with racing. When automobiles came to be, we fell in love with the speed and street racing was born. Now is the time to prove your level of skill behind the wheel. Work on your career, or play a custom game, where you can compete against your friend's high scores, play single races on a variety of tracks, or elimination where the last driver every lap is out.

Released and self-published on Jan 8, 2019, by Developer Solid Core, it is an Indie, 2D, Top-Down, Racing Simulator, with single player and local coop/split screen gameplay. In the season-based career mode, build your cars up to be the fastest on the tracks and leave the competition in your dust, till you’re finally able to challenge the Roadclub Master and take their title. In Local-Coop mode, you will need 3 friends to play in 4-way split-screen, or 1 friend for the 2 player split-screen.  Or play one of the custom game modes. There is full controller support that handles older and modern hardware. It also features a large variety of settings for you to customize the game for your best experience.  There is widescreen and HD res support. And last but not least, it has an easy listening soundtrack by electronic indie legend, Andrew "Zircon" Aversa!

Keep up to 4 cars in your garage that you purchase in the store and upgrade to be mean machines; you can sell your existing collection to purchase other cars. When you start you will have a basic car; there are other free cars you can obtain in the store if yours is in a state of disrepair. With a track editor included, you can create and share your own tracks through the Steam workshop. Unique simulation physics give a somewhat realistic feeling to the handling for your car, that takes a little work to master. With challenging A.I., they will not be a pushover on the track. They are almost human-like, though, and will make mistakes; use them to your advantage.

The title is a cute but challenging game, which will provide you with many hours of gameplay at a great price. At my age, I had a harder time playing the game compared to my son, who totally left me in the dust! But I will build my car collection up and we shall see how it ends next time. The title is well built and has a ton of features and play styles included.  For the money, it is great value and a great addition to your library if you love the genre. So now is the time you must ask yourself, do you have what it takes to beat the Roadclub Master and be the next big boss of the track?


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+ Full Controller Support
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Steam Achievements
+ Challenging Gameplay


- It can be difficult to master for us old folk, like me ;)

Review Summary

“Straight roads are for fast cars, turns are for fast drivers." Colin Mcrae

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10