Reversion - The Return


Welcome to Reversion - The Return (Last Chapter).  In this finale that ends the series you will once again be travelling through familiar areas in beautiful Buenos Aires. With your memory of your past life in limbo, you will need to merge your past life with the present by rebuilding your memories as you help the resistance once again to achieve their goals. Search for clues to your past and solve fascinating puzzles as you and your team attempt to right the wrong you all have caused.

Released self-published on Feb 28, 2020, by the developer 3f Interactive, it is tagged as Indie, Adventure, 2D, Casual, Point & Click. I have added no additional tags. It features simply wonderful hand-drawn artwork; I was blown away and enjoyed it very much. An incredibly fun and amusing story to unravel on your journey through the country. Fascinating puzzles to solve, some of which are fairly simple while others will require some thought to get past. Many interesting characters to meet along the way. Superb voice acting (when it comes to voice actors, I can be quite critical when the voices do not match the game or characters, but in this title they matched up brilliantly 100% - loved it!).  A hint system to lend a hand should you find yourself unsure what to do next; it is only hinted, though, it will not tell you exactly what to do. Tons of interactive objects to explore and collect to help you along the way.

I did have a couple of issues with the title that need to be addressed. They will not affect everyone, I am sure, as I had no other issues during my game-play; many others have beaten the title, it’s just a case of bad luck for me perhaps.

No resolution or full screen/window mode settings. I had to lower my desktop resolution on my widescreen monitor to get it to fit to screen, so I could read the dialog.

No auto-save system in place, only manual save points. I was almost at the end of the game, and it bugged out leaving me unable to interact with anything. I had been playing over 3 hours and did not manually save, losing all my game-play for that session. This was frustrating enough, so I am pausing my game-play for now. I am working on submitting my save game for developer review on the issue I had. It will cost it some scoring for the title; I would have scored it higher as the rest of the game is brilliant.

I had a great time playing once I got past the graphic issue. Learning the underlying mechanics of the title was a riot to figure out. It doesn't hold your hand even with the hint system. Though it mostly works like a traditional Point & Click, it does have its own unique qualities. With the many hours of game-play, it is great value for one's library. If you do not own the series, it is a good time to take a closer look at it as this is the end of the road for Reversion. Should you decide to have a go at the game, I hope you have as much fun as I did!


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+ Beautiful Hand-Drawn Graphics
+ Incredible Voice Acting
+ Fabulous Story-Line
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards


- No Graphic Settings
- Minor Bug to Work Out
- No Auto-Save

Review Summary

Reversion - The Return (Last Chapter); The Final Chapter of the Trilogy Awaits You in this Epic Adventure through Buenos Aires.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10