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Everyone has heard of the Big Bang Theory, and I am not referring to a television show of the same name. You know, the idea that the universe began as one point and has been expanding ever since. So, let's say that you are the new Big Bang, and with the help of terraforming titans, you can create new worlds and shape them as you like, helping people of these worlds to thrive, grow and reach their full potential. So, the next question is, are you ready to create your first planet? Of course, you are, but be prepared as it's not as clear-cut as it looks in Reus 2. 

Reus 2 is a strategy puzzle game developed by Abbey Games and published by Firesquid on the 28th of May 2024 on the Steam platform.

After launching the game, you'll land on the solar system page. There will be nothing much apart from the option tabs on your first launch, but as a returning player, you'll be able to revisit all the planets you have previously played on, as well as your score and the rewards you received for completing those playthroughs.

When creating a planet, you must first select its human spirit, which is what your first tribe will be more inclined to focus on. The human spirit will have an additional bonus for a specific resource in the world, or possibly a task. On your first playthrough, you'll have access to three out of nine human spirits, all of whom have a specific focus. For example, The Sage Human Spirit focuses on food. The other spirits will focus on gold, prosperity, and technology, and a couple will focus on two.

Once you’ve selected your human spirits, you’ll need to select your giants. The giants are classified into three groups: plants, animals, and minerals. You'll have three out of six giants available for selection on your first playthrough, and each one will be able to erect a couple of specific biomes and resources.

The next step is to select your level of difficulty, then the final Era and the mode of play. As you level up, you’ll unlock new human spirits, giants, eras, terraforming tools and more.

The planet is now created, and no surprise, it's round! Your three giants will stand in the background while your first tribe, dressed lightly with a leaf, are waiting patiently to know where you'll let them settle on the planet. But before they can build a village, you’ll have to create a biome with one of your giants. There's no Waterworld scenario here; all your tribes have to settle on firm land. The world will have 25 patches you can terraform, with each patch having two slots to place your resources.

What I like about the interface is that everything is right in front of you. You can increase or decrease the game speed, and all the options for the giants are at the bottom of the screen. The camera view is good as you can zoom in and out using your scrolling mouse button, and the letters A and D on your keyboard allow you to move left and right on the screen.

But there is one thing you need to pay special attention to: the menu on the top left side of your screen. It will show you prosperity, population, technology and gold points. You can access the planet shop from the same menu if you have unlocked it. Just below it, all the tribe tasks will be displayed. It will start with a small task, and you'll be rewarded with prosperity points for completing the task. In the first Era, you'll have only 30 Eon points at your disposal, and every resource you choose will cost you 5 Eon points. As you progress through the tasks, rewards will include new tribes and drafts, which you can use to add news items to one of the biomes on the planet. You'll always be presented with three options, so choose which is the most appropriate for your world. The tribe reward is always good because you get additional Eon points each time you have a new settlement in your world. But it can also be tricky as you need to make sure you have enough patches and slots to have any chance of reaching tasks for your tribes.

That brings me to the Era completion tasks. Each Era has three tasks to complete, which can be a variation of things or just prosperity points. If we take the latest, you'll gain a star each time you reach the amount of prosperity points required. You'll receive a three-star rating and new rewards if you achieve all these tasks within the Eon limits. If you have already secured three stars on a previous game for any of the Era, you won't gain any new content as it has already been unlocked.

You can access the Planet Shop as you level up your game profile. You can purchase extra turn (5 Eon points) terraforming tools, such as the expansion charge, which adds two patches to a biome or the mountain charge, which adds an extra slot on three patches. You can also purchase a border expansion so one of your tribes can expand their territory immediately or even purchase a draft change for a biome. Other items are available through the Planet Shop, but they all cost population (food), technology and gold points. Every time you purchase an item, the next item will become more expensive.

The more I play this game, the more I like it. The strategy aspect is around combining bioticas (resources) to extract the maximum number of points for each resource. You'll get to select between several projects for your tribes during your playthrough, each with specific rewards. So, you must clearly understand where you are heading and remember how many Eon points you have left to use. After 20 hours of gameplay and completing 17 worlds, I’m still finding new combinations. It's a great game!

The graphics are excellent, and the interface is straightforward to use. I didn’t experience any bugs whatsoever during my 20 hours of playtime. The game has a great gamepedia and content.

I’d like to see more Titans, and more variety in the Random Titan option. In ten games, I had the same Titan nine times in a row. Maybe the option is just not working properly.

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+ Great graphics
+ Great Gamepedia
+ Several modes of difficulty
+ Fun, addictive and challenging
+ Good number of resources for each biome
+ Achievements


- Titan’s randomised option at the start of each game doesn’t seem to work properly
- No trading cards at this stage

Review Summary

Reus 2 is an excellent strategy/puzzle game. After 20 hours of gameplay, I’m still finding new combinations. It’s terrific!

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