Banish the nightmares from the land and restore people’s souls in this RPG game from Team Syukino.

Nightmares are dreams, broken through sadness, anger or misery, turning a once peaceful person into a monster. Years ago, this happened in the tiny and peaceful village of Etsu. Villagers were happy and enjoyed the warm smiling faces of everyone around them, with the exception of one man, who was angry with a toxic sadness about him. He’d growl and snarl his bitterness at the other villagers until finally his anger and sadness consumed him, turning him into a vile monster, a Nightmare.

Once transformed into a nightmare, he went from door to door on a destructive path, people running in fear for their lives, and it’s here that that a stranger was passing by the village. Upon witnessing the destruction of the nightmare, he cast a spell with his magical staff and the nightmare was no more. The people rejoiced at their saviour and called him “The Dream-Catcher”.

You play as Oliver, the dream-catcher who, along with his best friend and sister Penello, have travelled far and wide, from city to city and town to town. For many years you’ve banish nightmares from the land, restoring people’s souls, helping to bring joy back to those who had fallen into despair and sadness.

The game starts with you playing as Anna The Knight (not sure who or why) on the intro level, where you’ll be able to walk around and fight random battles to get you used to the battle system. Any gold or items you collect from battling monsters in the intro you keep for the game. There is also a merchant here so you’re able to buy better weapon and potions etc to aid you in the game, if you want too.

Once you’re done with the intro level, the game will then start with you playing Oliver, who has just finished school. You remember that you have to meet your sister Penello to carry out your grandmother’s dying wish, to free the last place where nightmares still roam in the village of Phren. From here your adventure to rid the world of nightmares begins….

On the main menu you’ll find New Game, Continue, Options and Credits. In the options, there’s Always Dash, Command Remember, Fullscreen, Battle Camera, Keyboard Config, Difficulty, Background Music, Background Sounds and Sound Effects. Along with Save and Quit, you’ll have six slots for you to save your progress.

I didn’t read properly when arriving at Phren, so had to re-start the game from scratch (make sure you do).


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+ Couple easy achievements
+ Nice graphics
+ Nice music and sounds
+ Two story endings


- No cards yet
- Not very long

Review Summary

Become the Dream-Catcher and banish the nightmares from the region of Astrelia for good. 

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10