Rescue Team: Danger From Outer Space!


A gigantic glowing meteorite has crash-landed in Florida! As one of our senior correspondents wrote in one of the most popular Miami Newspapers, “Travelling through space at 100,000 miles per hour for years on end . . . if you have to crash land somewhere, may as well be in a tourism hot spot . . . Welcome to Florida!” In this case, it creates chaos from Jacksonville to Miami, and now the entire state is on full alert. It’s a job for the incredible Rescue Team, and the code name is Danger from Outer Space.

Rescue Team: Danger from Outer Space is casual/strategy/single-player management game developed by GameMixer and published by Alawar Entertainment on the 25th of June 2020 on the Steam platform.

The game consists of 50 levels for the main story and an additional 15 to unlock when you’ve successfully completed it.

I personally enjoy the Rescue Team game series, as they are easy games to get into and usually take a good 8 hours plus to finish.  Essentially, in Danger from Outer Space, your main goal is to clear all obstacles in your path by using resources as well as achieving 4 main tasks under a specific time per level to claim three golden stars.

In the early stages of the game, your rescue teams consist of 3 rescuers, but as you progress through the game, you’ll receive one additional personnel, which will be really handy.  I like the variety of tasks which can be from rescuing animals and citizens to destroying the alien vines on buildings and many more in between.

In the early missions, it is pretty clear which path to take first in order to complete the level and collect three golden stars, but as you progress, it will become clear that you’ll have to study the map a little bit before you make your mind up (especially if you only have 2 of the 5 primary building resources at your disposal). Also, don’t forget that it will cost your rescue team a certain number of resources to clear each obstacle that they find on the path, as well as to erect a new building. For example, it costs 20 to 40 hamburgers to clear trees, small stones and other small items that are lying around on the path, and you only need one rescuer to do that. But removing a commercial rubbish bin will cost more and 2 rescuers are required to perform that task. But on some occasions, you’ll need specific items to clear more significant obstacles, such as dynamite for blasting boulders or a shovel to fill in holes on the road; these can be purchased at the store.  To destroy the alien vines on buildings, it is imperative to have a bag of chemicals which you can also find at the store, but it has to be used by a scientist, who lives in a tent. Both of these buildings (tent and store) usually need to be restored before you can buy from the store or have a scientist from the tent join your team. Agent Aidan will be required to activate special devices, and the Evil Dr Ross will return briefly within this story.

Some stages have one or two blueprints laying around the edges of the path, which are powerups and will become active when one rescuer picks them up and returns them to their base. Mostly, the blueprint powerups will be to boost the speed of the rescuer or vehicles, or to boost the generation of resources.

As I mentioned above, you have 5 buildings that produce resources. The burger joints will produce hamburgers, the sawmills produce plank of woods, the gas stations oil, apartments will earn you cash and pet stores make bones for the rescue dogs. On some maps, you can raise a building on free construction sites, but sometimes you have to restore buildings for these resources to start kicking in. As long as you have the right number of resources at your disposal, you can also upgrade each of these buildings so that they can be reproduced faster.

As you start collecting golden stars, you can also use them to buy skills for your rescuers at the store between each level.

It’s an enjoyable casual game with nice graphics.  It’s easy to play, as you have to point and click to either pick up a resource along the path, raise or destroy buildings, or clear obstacles. And the game runs very well.


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+ Nice graphics
+ 50 levels for the main story, with 15 additional levels to unlock
+ Over 10 hours of gameplay
+ Fun little story
+ Easy to play
+ Achievements


- No trading cards at this stage

Review Summary

A glowing meteorite has crash-landed in Florida, creating chaos to its inhabitants, as well as to the habitats of local flora and fauna.  Definitely a job for the Rescue Team!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10