Remothered: Tormented Fathers


The thirteen year-old, Celeste Felton, has been missing since October 1971. After a long investigation, Rosemary Reed believes that Celeste’s disappearance is far more sinister that it first appeared. Her findings bring her straight to the Felton mansion where the retired notary, Dr. Felton, resides. As Dr. Felton is suffering from a mysterious disease, she plans to introduce herself as Dr. Reed, representing the same the clinic where Dr. Felton was treated. What she is about to discover in Remothered: Tormented Fathers is . . . !

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is a third person horror / survival / adventure game where you take control of Rosemary Reed. I must clarify up front that Remothered: Tormented Fathers is currently on Early Access and the final product might change considerably from when this review is published.

You’ll be greeted with a fantastic introduction with a deep and sonorous jazz soundtrack. Then you’ll meet your character, Rosemary Reed, who is having a cigarette in the van parked outside the Felton mansion. At first, you’ll enter the mansion from the back door where you meet Gloria, who is Dr. Felton’s nurse. And yes, you’ll be acquainted with Dr. Felton himself, but the meeting will not last long as your true identity will be discovered and you’ll be shown the door. Even in the pouring rain, you’ll wait hiding outside the beautiful 1930 structure until the so-called nurse carefully places the key of the mansion behind a small statuette outside the gate. From here, you’ll be entering the stunning, dark Dr. Fenton mansion.

Inside the mansion, you’ll have to achieve objectives to progress within the story.  You can’t miss them as they will have a puzzle icon when you hover over them. The trick is finding where to use them. There are also plenty of draws and cupboards to examine around the residence. You’ll be able to find objects such as alarm clocks, which you can lay down around the place and use as a distraction. Other items you’ll find can be thrown and used to distract your hosts, too, but can also be useful to stop them running at you. There are plenty of sharp items to collect and be used to defend yourself in case they manage to get they hands on you. However, you’ll be able to run as fast as you can (with high heels, I must say) around the place and try to find a place to hide to avoid a painful death. You can even hide under certain pieces furniture or in wardrobes.

Who do you have to run from? From Dr. Felton, first. We know he is suffering from a mysterious disease but walking half naked, wearing only an apron, and carrying a sickle in one hand is definitely a strange and serious condition. But soon, you’ll have a red nun with a strange sword running after you. Make sure to memorize all the hidden places within the house; it’s going to be helpful!

One of the things you have to learn and recognise is where the host is within the house. Listen carefully for their voices and footsteps.  If you hear the floor creaking, they might be very close to you. Also, when you’re hiding make sure to be quiet or you’ll be discovered and your fate will be sealed. In regards to saving your progression, all you have to do is to locate these oval mirrors. There, you’ll save your progression and restore your health too.

The story is very well constructed; you might have a few jumps here and there but nothing too drastic in my opinion.  

Graphically the games looks ok; it could be a bit more polished but we must bear in mind that the game is still in Early Access. I really like the soundtrack and the atmosphere is superb. Control-wise I personally enjoy the mouse and keyboard, and they are responsive too. I look forward to discovering what the full version brings.


+ Nice graphics
+ Good puzzles
+ Plenty of places to examine and hide
+ Plenty of items to use
+ Good story
+ Good price point
+ Achievements


- No trading cards
- Your character moves quiet slowly. Can she take off her high heels?

Review Summary

I really like what I am seeing here in this Early Access version. It’s impressive so far.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10