Red Bow


You play as Roh, a girl with a red bow in her hair who wakes up wondering about a dream she had . . . or is she still in a dream? You crawl out of your pit (bed) and look around your home. You’re on your own but the front and back doors are both locked. So, you must search for a key to unlock the door; after finding it you exit the house. This is where you realise that you’re still inside a dream. You find yourself on a mist-covered road which is laid out in front of you, trees on either side of the road. With only one way to go, you head off following the road; where will it take you? What is this place you find yourself in? Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten, but hot dog buns only come in packages of just eight?

As Roh you will interact with some weird and creepy characters, some of whom will require some sort of help from you. Others may help you to move on from the current dream you’re in. To help these weird characters you will need to complete various tasks, searching for items and solving puzzles.  Once you have done what’s needed to help these weird characters you will move on from that dream.

When searching for items or ways to move on you will need to recheck places you’ve already checked several times, as sometimes things aren’t available to you until you’ve done something else. I was pulling my hair out at one point as I couldn’t figure out what was required; I ended up dying a few times and going back to the main menu.  I did find another avenue to go down but then I still ended up back at the main menu. I did figure it out after a while after I had gone over and checked everything again.

The story narrative is good and there are multiple endings to complete. The game is short, but it’s well done, the graphics look nice and the sounds and music are also nice.

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+ Looks good
+ Has multiple endings
+ Has Achievements


- Short game
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Help Roh, who’s stuck in a bizarre dream, escape as she assists weird characters to a second chance.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10