Prepare yourself for a sensational journey into the apocalyptic world of RAD. A once peaceful world that has been turned into a nuclear wasteland; the first apocalypse was bad, yet mankind survived fairly well until the coming of the second apocalypse. After the first disaster stuck, mankind turned to machines called Menders that distributed the Rads throughout the world. They were made to handle all tasks needed for survival, from energy production to growing our food. In time, the machines begin breaking down and new energy sources are needed if humanity is to survive. The elders call for anyone willing to journey into the wastelands in search of a new power source, and you are the chosen one to answer this call to save humanity. The elders give you the power to absorb the Rads with tools of the Menders so you may survive in the toxic world outside your walls. Though you will now survive the toxic soup, it will forever change you physically as you begin to mutate due to increased exposure. Choose your character heading into the wilds of the world to face unspeakable creatures as you become more like them the further you venture into their world.

Released on Aug 19, 2019, by the developer Double Fine Productions, Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc, it is tagged as Action, Post Apocalyptic, Rouge-lite, Single-Player, and I have added 3D, Hack & Slash, Narration as well. It features a fascinating, vibrant 3D art style set in the Birdseye view. Great Sound effects, with humorous narration setting the stage. Tons of mutations to unlock and discover as you play, as well as an XP system for unlocking additional mutations. 5 assist features are also included for those wanting a more casual game (this does help a lot for those who may not be the greatest at rogue-lite titles). Full controller support to play it your way (I preferred the controller for my playtime).

A very impressive game; I loved the design and art style. Discovering and using the multitude of mutations was a constant acceleration into the unknown as I discovered new mutations and how to use them. I admit my first few hours I tried playing with no assist features enabled; this did not work out the greatest for me as it can be quite a brutal game. After a little over 3 hours into the game, and not getting as far as I had hoped that my skill level would enable, I found myself enabling 2 of the 5 assist features. This helped immensely in my progression further into the game (I still have a long way to go to beat the game). I really would have loved coop, so I could have called in my wingman to help carry me through some boss fights. I think it would also have been nice to include debuffs to add a higher level of difficulty for those true rogue-lite players who laugh at the challenges they are faced with. The narration was a total grin and I simply adored listening to his banter. An exceptional game at a fair price regardless of your expertise at rogue-lite games. From casual to hard-core, it has something for everyone who loves a fun hack and slash adventure.

I did have an issue loading my save slots after playing in offline mode on Steam, and returning to online mode; my first 2 slots show no way to load them.

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Fabulous 3D Graphics
+ Humorous Narration
+ Imaginative Mutations
+ Full Controller Support
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Steam Achievements


- Minor Save Game Issue
- I have Nothing Else

Review Summary

RAD: An Epic Journey through a Brutal Irradiated World; Can you Master Your Mutations and Save Humanity?

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10