Lost in another dimension, an insane and psychedelic place where you guide a cat through many levels and worlds in this avoid-em up game from teamCOIL

You play as a Cat, a moggy who’s trapped in another dimension, and it’s your job to guide him through all the perils of what lies in front of you. There are ten levels per world with the tenth level being a bullet hell boss level. Each level is randomly chosen, and will be different from your last attempt.

You must guide your cat’s head around the mazes, starting at one point, and must reach the end of the maze as fast and as perfectly as possible. Some levels are straight forward, you just move around in between the confines of a path. Other times the pathway moves, linking up with another path; in cases like this you’ll have to navigate yourself on to the next pathway as it comes around.

There are many other obstacles which will hinder you and you’re goal of reaching the end.  On some levels you can find save points, indicated by a floppy disc image, so once you’ve moved onto one of these it’ll save for you. So, if you happen to die after this point, you’ll respawn there instead of going back to the start. Sometimes there may be switches which you’ll have to stand on while a pathway either becomes longer or moves to another position, but don’t diddly dally, as some of them will return to their original position once you move from the switch! Sometimes the exit points can also move around as you try to reach them.

It might seem complicated at times, but if you look closely and get the right timing, you can pick a pathway through. You will lose lives as you try to reach the final boss of each world, but if you do well through the first nine levels of a world, and get a good score on each, it will help you immensely. You have a heart bar which fills up with the more points you get. Each time the bar gets filled you gain an extra life; getting the most points possible on each level will require a steady hand, reflexes and precision. Bonus points will be awarded for completing a level, speed run, speed run combo and for flawless runs, and these will help refill the heart bar for those extra lives.

Upon reaching the first boss level, you’ll be greeted by some cultist cats who offer you as a sacrifice to Cerberus the Great, mightiest of the sons of Gehenn. They hope by offering you and taking your flesh that they’ll be blessed. You’re not going let some demon dog have anything of yours, never mind your flesh!  You battle with Cerberus, with balls of light, and laser beams raining down upon you. You must dodge these as in bullet hell games, all while trying to collect the POW’s which rain down also. Collecting the POW’s will fill the POW bar and once full you can let rip, scratching and clawing your claws into Cerberus’s face by mashing the mouse button. It may take a few times to finally put this mangy mutt of evil down, but once you have beaten Cerberus you’ll move on to the next world.

If you hit escape, you’ll find the options, as well as global and friends Leaderboard for how well you’ve done. Any achievements that you may have completed so far, restart the game, go back and exit the game. In the options, there’s Sound and Music volume controls, Mouse Speed, Brightness, (all of which can be set between zero and one hundred), choice of Language, and there’s even a button to Report Bugs should you come across any.

Each of these options when clicked upon will give you some information about them, and which keys to use while in game if you fancy changing something on the go. You also have the choice of seven different heads to control if you fancy mixing it up a bit; they don’t add anything to the game other than for looks but they might stop you pulling your hair out for five minutes.

With the psychedelic look and flashing graphics it might not be a game for everyone, especially if you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy, as it could potentially trigger a seizure, so bear that in mind if you’re considering getting the game.


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com!


+ Challenging
+ Easy to control
+ Achievements
+ Has cards


- Frustrating at times
- Music was a bit annoying

Review Summary

Guide a cat through the perils of a psychedelic dimension as you try to find your way back home.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10