Project Winter


At a research station in a frozen tundra, where the weather has turned for the worse with massive storms becoming more frequent & extreme, eight survivors are trapped. Nobody is who they pretend to be. Two traitors have infiltrated the ranks and disrupted communications, and other key equipment will need to be repaired in order to call for a rescue. In order to survive, you will need to work with the other survivors to loot buildings, gather needed resources such as craft, food, tools & weapons, and repair broken machinery. Good communication & teamwork is vital; venture off on your own and you make yourself a target, all while trying to avoid and identify those who wish to see you fail. The traitors are outnumbered but will gain strength as the game progresses, (developing??) abilities that the rest of the team does not have, and gaining additional advantages for making you fail in your missions. Finding out who they are is not easy; vigilance is needed in your observations of everything that happens around you. The traitors are not your only threat; wild animals are roaming about – they can be eaten, or if you're not careful, they may eat you. Periodically a vicious blizzard will roll in; get caught outside for too long and you shall perish. But death is not the end; once your life has ended your ghost will have a few powers to either help the survivors or debuff the traitors. Good luck survivors!

Released on May 23, 2019, by the developer Other Ocean Interactive & Published by Other Ocean Group, this is an action cooperative survival game at heart with a mixture of strategy and RPG elements. It features an outstanding low poly graphics in a bird's eye view. It is accompanied by a delightful soundtrack as well as very well-done sound effects. Its proximity-based voice chat allows for communication with anyone in the vicinity.  Alternatively, there are two radio types you can use to speak privately, as long as no one else has one. It has a set of creative mechanics at play that has a medium learning curve, so it may take you a few games to grasp how everything works. With random generation for the game world and multiple escape scenarios, no two games will never be quite the same. Full controller support allows you to play it your way. With character progression that unlocks clothing sets, and rewards that allow you to buy multi-tiered loot crates with the money you earn to customize your character to your heart's desire.

Quite a remarkable survival game with its unique genre blending. Though the traitor mechanic isn't totally original, they managed to use it to their advantage and made something remarkable and essential to the title. I play a lot of games with the mechanic and totally enjoy them, especially with friends. The winter biome is done nicely, and those blizzards are really something else! (I have an infinitive love for titles that feature a good winter scenario.) I admit I am not the greatest at the game yet as I am still learning everything. Playing with pubs is not my favorite thing to do; I prefer playing with friends personally, and I am really looking forward to more of my friends getting the title. Finding games is not all that difficult; often servers will be full though, and finding an open lobby is difficult at times. I found that when there were no open lobbies, you could just open one yourself; it will fill pretty fast, and then you're on your way! With a fair retail price and randomly-generated games, it’s great value with a great amount of replayability.

As there is no single-player gameplay to learn the game, I would have liked to have had a tutorial to introduce the player to the core mechanics. I personally do not like having to jump into a game with seasoned players who take advantage of your lack of knowledge. A basic tutorial giving the player the needed knowledge for basic survival & key mechanics would be quite helpful for new players.

For Settings:
General; Brightness, User Interface Scale, Play ID, Language, Show FPS. Lock Cursor, Select Gamepad.

Graphics; Resolution, Display Mode, V Sync, Max FPS, Graphic Presets, Anti-Aliasing, Texture Quality, Shadow Quality, Particles
Quality, Post Processing, Anisotropic Filtering, Soft Particles.

Audio; Voice Chat Output, Voice Chat Input, Primary VOIP Mode, Voip Recieve Volume, Voip Send Volume, Master Volume, Ambient/SFC Volume, Music Volume.

Controls; Keyboard Layout(rebindable), Controller Layout(not rebindable) Ghost Action Keys


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+ Outstanding Low Poly Graphics
+ Engaging Gameplay
+ Wonderful Soundtrack
+ Steam Achievements
+ Full Controller Support


- No Steam Trading Cards
- No Tutorial

Review Summary

Project Winter: A Stunning Multiplayer Survival Game in a Frozen Tundra with a Traitorous Twist!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10