Please Find Me


Michael (our protagonist) is supposedly out for a weekend camping trip. He is taking a nap or passed out by the campfire (unsure which) and is suddenly woken by a severe storm.  He and his gear are getting soaked at an ever-increasing rate as he scrambles to gather his belongings and proceeds to look for shelter from the storm. Though it is pouring he stops and urinates on the fire to make sure it is out (safety first). There is limited time to find shelter before your belongings are soaked and you have to retry again. You seem to be intoxicated by the way you stumble and pass out about every 25 secs until you find shelter. Whatever you are carrying and protecting in your bag must be worth a lot of money. The fact that you are wearing dress slacks and dress shirt on a camping trip is most unusual; what are you really doing here?

You soon find shelter in a cave and place your belongings in a corner to prevent them from getting soaked. The cave is much larger than you originally thought; you find a flashlight on the ground and to your surprise, it is still working. There is also a glow-stick in your duffel bag should you prefer to use that. As you move further into the cave it ends at a sloping tunnel and you venture down it. This may not have been the greatest choice as you are now falling down the passage; as you hit bottom the floor gives way and you are plunged deeper into the caverns, which are now flooded. From here you must dive into the cave system to try to find a way out again. There are many dangers within the caverns as many sea creatures live within them, along with some otherworldly abominations that desire nothing more than to kill you for entering their domain! Can you survive long enough to find your way out?

Released & self-published on Jun 28, 2019, by Ignat Cherkashin, Elisey Waylone, I have tagged this as Indie, Adventure, Thriller, Multiple Endings, Difficult. I am rating it as difficult, as it is not easy finding the needed tools. It is somewhat casual but ultimately becomes harder as you dig into the title. It doesn't have a ton of features as a budget adventure game, but there are some notables: 3 possible endings, 20 plus cut-scenes, interesting cave paintings scattered throughout the caves, satisfactory soundtrack and audio effects, fair-priced.

Quite an unusual game, it seems to be have been developed in VR but not released with it? Unsure if a VR version will be released. I was not really sure what to make of the slap-stick character cut-scenes, they seemed out of place for a title in this genre. The storyline is quite vague, so do not expect a ton of depth here, besides the deep waters you will need to navigate. The game is mainly about exploration to find the necessary items to escape from the underwater labyrinth. The graphics are decently done, the many varieties of wildlife underwater are quite realistic and visually pleasing. It could use some optimizations still and a bit of polish; I will be watching for updates. I have somewhat enjoyed my game time, although I admit I am a bit frustrated trying to find the second item I need to get further in the game; you are given no direction on what you need or how to find it. There are no map or navigation markers, so I often found myself wandering the same passages repeatedly. I am aging and my vision is not near as good you young people out here; you will more than likely have a much easier time in navigating the water-filled passages.  With its multiple endings and low price, it is good value for one's library. 

For Settings:
Audio: Contains volume sliders for Master, All Music, Ambient Music, Effects, Ambient, & Dialog.
Keyboard & Mouse: Sensitivity Slider, Invert Mouse & Keybindings.
Video: Windowed/Fullscreen, Resolution, VSync, Res. Scale, Max FPS, & Gamma.
Graphics: Motion Blur, Anti Aliasing, Shadows, Post Process, Texture Quality, Effects Quality, & Foliage Quality.
User Interface: Language & UI Scale.

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+ Bizarre Story
+ Multiple Endings
+ Steam Achievements


- Could Use Additional Optimizations
- No Steam Trading Cards(currently)
- No Controller Support

Review Summary

Please Find Me: A Mystifying Journey through a Mysterious World of Deadly Creatures.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10