Right, here’s the deal! See the door in front of you; it’s the entrance of the Pangeon dungeon. By the way, have you heard of the Pangeon organisation? Well, it’s basically a horde of monsters running around in the dungeon corridors, and every single day more and more monsters are being created. The goal of the evil Pangeon mastermind is to free all these beasts from the dungeon at once and destroy the Earth!  Thanks to you and the poor lost souls who have already entered the dungeon and slayed some monsters before perishing, that day hasn’t come yet. So, here you go, take a weapon and off you go to this terrifying dungeon!

Pangeon is a retro first-person dungeon crawler developed by Skrypious and published by Ultimate S.A and Gaming Factory S.A on the 30th of March 2020 on Steam.

The game consists of a short campaign with 8 levels and an Arena mode, where you must survive 25 waves of monsters to beat the game.

Before launching your first descent to the Pangeon dungeon, you must select one of four-character classes (Warrior, Thief, Archer and Wizard), and in which level of difficulty you’d like to play your first playthrough. Would it be as a Beginner, Normal, Hard or Hardcore?

Depending on which character class you’ve selected, they will have different attribute points on their health, mana, strength, dexterity and luck. You’ll have an extra 5 points to distribute to your character before starting a game. The Wizard, for example, will have more mana but fewer strength points at the start of the game, while the Warrior will be the opposite.

The chamber you’ll spawn in will have a chest which you’ll need to open to reveal two weapons and a few items, such as a healing or a mana potion. Make sure to press the “i” key to access your inventory and equip your character with a main and secondary weapon if you have one. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll have the character icon and the health and mana gauges with 8 free slots straight underneath. Select one or two of these items and move them to one of these free slots so you can use them quickly in battles.

As you move through the levels, you’ll discover quite a reasonable selection of enemies and will have a few good fights with the bosses when you get there. You’ll find barrels in most of the levels; you can destroy them and might receive an item for good measure. There are a few chests laying around and they usually contain gold coins and essential items as well.  As you fight, some enemies may drop coins, potions (mana, health and strength) and occasionally a weapon.

In some levels, you’ll find a merchant where you can buy or sell some of the items you have acquired throughout the previous levels.

I don’t mind this game at all, and by playing in the Hard or Hardcore difficulties, you’ll get a challenge. My biggest issues are that the campaign is very short, and the levels are not randomly generated. After playing with the four classes and all difficulties, there is not much replayability,


+ Nice graphics
+ 4 classes of characters
+ Campaign and Arena modes
+ 4 levels of difficulties
+ Fun and easy to play


- Very short campaign mode
- Not much replayability
- No achievements or trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Descend into the dangerous Pangeon dungeon and kill all monsters before they surface and destroy the Earth!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10