One Watcher


The lost planet, the world of the Guardians has been brutally attacked simultaneously from two fronts! The South endure destruction by fire while the North has been totally frozen. This assault was orchestrated by the Watcher in order to eliminate all Guardians from the planet. The strikes were nearly perfect as most of the Guardians vanished instantly, with the exception of one! The only way to save his kind is to free himself from his underground prison and beat the powers of Fire and Cold to reach the Watcher. Are you daring to step into the shoes of the last Guardian and challenge . . . One Watcher?

One Watcher is a fast 2D Platformer game developed and published by Christian Hamm and Michail Otrowski on the Steam platform in April 2018.

The game offers 66 levels to beat across four chapters, and your aim is to reach a gear icon at the end of each of the levels to unlock a further few stages. As I can see so far (I’m currently playing through the second world) is that the first two chapters have 20 levels each, which includes a boss stage.

Most of the levels are fairly short, well-designed and incredibly hard.  Expect to die a few dozen times per stage before beating it. If you are a person suffering from baldness like myself, you might get frustrated on several occasions without experiencing pain. However, if you have a full set of hair, I strongly suggest wearing a cap to avoid pulling your hair out and experiencing baldness before your time!

The gameplay is really fast, and your guardian has a few things up his sleeve. He can jump, double jump, as well as slide down walls and ceilings. Ultimately, it will come down to knowing exactly where to jump, when to go fast, and to making sure that you avoid the many obstacles, such as lasers, stationary and moving wheels edged with razor blades, and more to reach the gear icon. I have only beaten the first boss so far and it was quite a struggle to do so. Not only did I have to figure out the level perfectly, but on top of that, a huge monster machine was chasing my guardian from the left-hand side of the screen at high speed!  I don’t think I have ever died so many times in a game! You should have heard me cheering, “YEAH . . . I GOT YOU . . . YOU BEEEEEP” - what a relief that was! This reprieve was short-lived as I entered the second chapter.  Here, I was introduced to some sort of a three-armed wheel with blue lights. These lights grabbed my character as soon as he met them. Then I was able to project the guardian into the air by pressing the jump button. And yes, I died a lot again!  One little thing you must be aware of is that after beating the first boss you must finish the first level of the second region to be able to save your progress. Personally, I needed to have a break after beating the first boss as I was running out of ice to sooth my thumbs between levels.  

Absolutely stunning visuals and the controls are super responsive, which is a must for this type of game. Mind you, I prefer using the gamepad rather than the keyboard.


+ Stunning Visuals
+ 66 levels to beat
+ Easy to learn and hard to master
+ Full controller support
+ Achievements


- Frustrating at times
- No trading cards as yet

Review Summary

One Watcher is a challenging 2D platformer.  Do you dare to go up against it?

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10