Not For Broadcast


Dave, the editor in chief of the well-known show, the National Nightly News, hasn’t turned up to work today, so you have been promoted to take over the biggest show in town. That’s right! It’s all up to you to make The National Nightly News bigger than ever. So, Are you ready? Because we are about to go live in 10 seconds. 9…8…7 oh, and make sure to keep the audience entertained. . .  4...3…2….one… It’s Not For Broadcast!

Not For Broadcast is a full-motion video game/choice matter developed by NotGames and published by tinyBuild on the 31 of January 2020 on Steam. This game is currently on early access and has 3 playable chapters out of 10 in this current version.

Welcome back to 1980 where the political British party, Advance, has claimed an incredible victory against all the odds at the national election. You’ll be playing Alex, who has a wife and two children, and you’ll be prompted to make choices in your life. Some will be from a parenting perspective, while others will be affecting people around you. These choices will occur between broadcasts, which is the main gameplay.

So here you are, in the editor’s chair and ready to show the most interesting broadcast night after night. Each broadcast has three segments: Headlines, important news and some sort of cultural/art parts. And in between them, you must play 3 VHS tapes of advertising (you need to make money after all!).

Dave will show you the ropes for the first broadcast, and you’ll learn how to swap screens, bleep or censor bad language and to make sure there is no interference while working live. He will also teach you how to make the 15-minute National Nightly News entertaining to attract more viewers, thereby making more money at the end of the night. But you can also get fired if you continually stuff up the bad language by using the censor button too early or too late, or by having too much interference, or by being a lunatic while swapping screens. And that’s not all; power surges can affect your equipment, causing it to malfunction at random times during the broadcast, making your life a nightmare. But what I find the most difficult is actually not laughing at what they come up with during each segment while you are multitasking at your equipment . . . it’s seriously brilliant!

You’ll be judged per section, and if you managed to do everything right (which I doubt you will), you’ll score the elusive grade A and make great money that night. With the money, you can buy upgrades for your studio, as well as repair or buy items to place around the studio to make it feel like home.

This is something special, and it is only on early access. I can’t wait to see the full release!  It’s been quite a while since I laughed like that playing a game; I had tears running down my face.  Just hilarious and clever. The only negative is that the game is quite short at this stage.


+ Good graphics and videos of high quality
+ Hilarious content and side story with choice matter elements
+ Easy to learn but hard to master (multi-tasking)
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Short at this stage

Review Summary

Not For Broadcast! It’s clever and hilarious; a totally frantic experience as an editor at the National Nightly News. 

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10