In the land of Neverinth, the old gods have fall.  With the balance of power displaced, evil is taking over the world. As the gods have not visited the Yggdrasil (mythical tree), concern grows for the future of the world. The Valkyrie (ancient female Norse warriors who decide the fate of those on the battlefield) are called forth to battle this evil and return balance to Neverinth. The legendary enemies of the Norse are powerful foes even for a Valkyrie; your reflexes, as well as your gear, will decide your fate against the monsters that await you. Come forth, brave warriors, Neverinth needs heroes as never before. Are you the one to fulfill this legacy?

Neverinth is an entrancing souls-like title; I am pleased to say that it is not nearly as brutal in its game-play as Souls. If you have always wanted to play a souls-like title, yet felt over-whelmed by the difficulty level, this title will fill that need for you. This is the first souls-like game that I will recommend for the casual gamer. The enemies are not too overpowering, the bosses do ramp up the difficulty, of course, as with any game. With tons of perks, power-ups, and weapons to use and unlock, as well as the randomly generated levels, there is an exceptional amount of replayability.

Released on Apr 30, 2019, by the developer CreAct Games and published by Another Indie, it is a 3D, Action, RPG set in Norse Mythology that utilizes combat like the "Souls" Universe. I have added Souls-Like and Casual to the tags. It features an imaginative storyline based on Norse Lore. An exceptional graphic design, from the randomly-generated levels and characters to the animations. 5 planned Valkyrie to battle in your honor with 3 currently in-game. A wide range of unlockable items such as gear, weapons, characters, bosses and levels, keeps the game-play fresh. The skill upgrade system gives you a wide range of powerful upgrades at your disposal. Its soundtrack is a brilliant example of dark and powerful Nordic folk music. Partial controller support.

Being in Early Access at the time of my review, the title is in a great stage of development, with the recent release of the third boss and character bringing the title one step closer to completion. I have had a great time with the current build and look forward to the final release of the game. There is a ton of action that isn't nearly as brutal as others in the genre. With everything being randomly-generated, from the levels to the gear spawns, no two games are ever the same. The bosses do add a challenge; even though I am rating it as casual, it may take a few deaths to master them.  Believe in yourself and you will get past them.

I did not run into any game-breaking bugs during my game-play thus far. I do feel the controls could be tightened up just a little, as both the controller and the keyboard feel a little loose. I preferred the keyboard and mouse for my time in the title (admittedly I am not the most proficient at directional control in these types of games with a controller). I do not normally give a 9 on an early access title, but I am going to tip the scale for a change for what I feel the title deserves.


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+ Sensational Graphic Design
+ Noteworthy Soundtrack
+ Engaging Game-Play
+ Partial Controller Support


- No Steam Achievements (at this time)
- No Steam Trading Card (at this time)

Review Summary

Neverinth: A Casual Action RPG with Souls-like Game-play set in a world of Norse Mythology. Engaging & Entertaining for even casual players.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10