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Here you are in your train compartment on your way to the quiet and picturesque Hotel Noir somewhere in Western Europe. Your Grandmother has chosen this specific hotel to meet you as she has essential news to reveal about a family secret. You arrive at the Hotel and embrace your Grandmother and share a few words with her before going to your room to refresh yourself. A few hours later, your Grandmother is found dead in her room. What a strange coincidence; there is something fishy in the air, and it’s not the velvety smell of the lobster bisque! It’s up to you to find out what happened to your Nana in Mystery Hotel – Hidden Object Detective Game!

Mystery Hotel - Hidden Object Detective Game is a casual/hidden object game developed and self-published by Crisp App Studio on the 17 of October 2020 on the Steam platform.

The game consists of 15 Hidden Object levels and some of them you will visit a couple of times throughout the story. There are also a couple of levels of Spot-the-Difference between two images and match the same objects. I really like the early 20th-century atmosphere in the game, and I must say that the developers have managed to cleverly conceal some objects in each level, which is what you want in this genre of game. Personally, I rarely use the hint button in these games, but I must confess that I used it more than twice in this title.

As you would expect from Crisp App Studio, Mystery Hotel has enough hidden objects to play each stage at least three times. Your goal in each level is to find the specific objects that are written at the bottom of the screen as fast as possible. As you find your first object on the image, you’ll receive a certain number of points. Under the points, you’ll have a gauge that will rapidly move from right to left. The trick is to make sure you find the second item, the next one and so on and so forth before the gauge goes all the way to the left. Each time you find an object, the gauge will fill up again, but deplete to the left straight away, and let me tell you, it will go to the left very fast. So, find all the objects in rapid succession, and you will score highly! You may even be at the top of the game leader board.    

There are collectables to gather in each of the stages and you can collect them by achieving a high score, playing the level a second time or by finding all objects before the time limit of 45 seconds.

In terms of the story, it’s decent; you’ll meet a few characters, and you’ll have a fairly good idea who has savagely killed your Nana!

It’s a typical point and click game with good graphics, accompanied by a piece of well-suited music. On the downside, it is a relatively short game.


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+ Nice graphics
+ Decent Hidden Object levels
+ Fun little story
+ Achievements


- No trading cards as yet
- Very short game

Review Summary

Search each room of the Hotel Noir, discover clues and find your grandmother killer!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10