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The day starts like any other, but we need a new book to read. So we head to the book store to find something different to read, and discover an old book in the attic tucked away in a corner of the book store; its cover has a photo of a boy and a girl who looks very much like her. So she takes the unusual book to the man at the counter. As he looks at the book and sees all the loose drawings it contains, a torn picture falls out, and on it is a girl who looks almost identical to the girl before him.  Memories come flooding back of his own youth and a young lady who had an almost identical look on her face. They sit down and he starts telling her his story. It was a time of war when the robots had taken over society. A story of love, loss, friendship and hardship between two children from different parts of society.

My Memory of Us was released on Oct 9, 2018, the 6th out of 7 releases on Steam by developer Juggler Games, and published by IMGN.PRO. It is a 2D, casual, narrated, adventure game, where you control both characters simultaneously and separately, utilizing both of their unique abilities to aid you on your journey. With incredible hand drawn art, the game is visually stunning, I very much enjoy great hand-drawn art and this title delivered beyond my expectations. With none other than the famous Patrick Stewart doing the narration, it adds an outstanding element to the game as the narrator unfolds the story for us. The original soundtrack by Patryk Scelina is presented in a mixed form of clunky electronics, and traditional acoustics that helps bring the story to life.

Once the old man starts his story, our game begins with us controlling him as the young boy.  We are out at night when we shouldn't be.  We are discovered and chased, and we jump to escape being captured by the robots. Our attention is then focused on the little girl of our story, as she plays ball in the alley and finds the boy hidden in a garbage can. As if it was destiny, a bond between the two is instantly formed. Now the grand adventure begins as the two of them head into the city. Their friendship blossoms and they have such great times together. Can they survive the onslaught by the robot king and his army of menacing mechanical baddies?

With unique mechanics, you will sometimes control just one of the characters at a time and sometimes both, depending on the circumstances. Each of them has their own abilities; she has use of a slingshot, and run ability, he has a mirror to blind people and sneaking ability. Switch between the two as you navigate through the puzzling challenges that await you. The puzzles are fun and well designed; some are easier to get through, some are challenging and will require thinking outside the box a little. The storyline is based on true events; it's both adventurous and touching, with moments of joy and of sorrow. They have built a story that will touch you in many ways as you play through it.

I must say this was a most pleasurable title to play through. I simply loved everything about the title. From brilliant hand-drawn artwork to deviously devised puzzles. Everything just flowed so perfectly together. I can say with confidence that this will be in my top ten plays this year. It takes about 6 hours to play through, give or take an hour or so, depending on how much you explore and how fast you get through the puzzles. I admit a couple of the puzzles had me scratching my head for a while, until I was able to figure them out; you will need to use the old grey matter to progress. I must say Thank You to the developers for creating such an incredible game for us to enjoy. I consider it to be a must-have gem.

The title features Full Controller support. I did have issues with my Xbox 360 controller not registering stick moments fast enough and had to go back to the keyboard in order to move forward in some of the areas where timing is very important. I am not sure if it is a game issue or my issue. I am ordering a new controller to find out. Controller Keys are not customizable either, that I could find. I wanted to adjust 2 key bind settings for the controller but was not able to.


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+ Fantastic Hand Drawn Art
+ Patrick Stewart Narration (Oh Yeah!)
+ Brilliant Story


- No Controller Settings

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My Memory of Us: A Memorable Journey of Sorrow, Hope & Friendship

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10