In a very distant future, humanity has merged with the internet and is ruled by a cruel robot billionaires known as “robillionaires”. Our hero, Mullet Mad Jack, is a robo-killer called moderator with the objective of saving a hostage locked up on the 10th floor of a tower. The problem is that Moderator only has 10 seconds to live and constantly needs dopamine in order to survive. The only way of extending his life is by killing robots, thereby holding the interest of the viewers of a brutal livestream show. The plot is a bit simple, but it’s narrated in a really fabulous way, with a very distinctive ‘90s cyberpunk anime style that is simply gorgeous. There is also a lot of environmental storytelling such as wall posters, graffiti, tv screens and vending machines, but unfortunately you don’t really have time to stop and admire them. There are also some over-the-top moments that take place during boss fights or when you get closer to your objective, with funny dialogues and meta-references. Speaking of which, I recommend reading the in-game digital manual (yes, they still exist) with all the story, characters and gameplay descriptions, which also unlocks a new weapon as a form of thank you for unboxing the manual and legally owning the game.

Gameplay-wise, Mullet Mad Jack is a great mix of FPS games like Duke Nukem, Doom and Ghostrunner, but with a distinctive roguelike progression that makes it more similar to Post Void, a lesser known game that is equally worth playing. Each level is a race from start to finish as you run, dash and destroy enemies to gain more life time. You start with one weapon and through each floor you can swap between random weapons and upgrades. While you constantly need to check your available time, you also need to take care of your health and quickly restore it by destroying vending machines and getting a drink. Dying means losing all weapons and upgrades, as well restarting the chapter you are playing, which is made of 10 levels (floors). There are 10 chapters in total and each one adds more gameplay elements, such as environmental hazards, new enemies and mechanics (wall running for instance). Overall, it’s a really fast-paced and adrenalin-fueled gameplay structure, with each level lasting around 40 seconds – 1 minute depending on your speed and ability. This can make the game incredibly short or slightly longer depending on your skills, but in my experience the length is adequate, even if the difficulty at the default setting isn’t really enough for someone who loves this kind of games. Fortunately, there are more difficulty options that can reduce your life time and increase the enemy damage, so the game can get really challenging if you want. Speed runners will also have a fun time climbing the global leaderboard, which can be accessed from the main menu. Technically there is a lot of replayability here, including a separate Endless Mode, and hopefully the game will be long supported with updates and DLCs, yet the thing that didn’t entirely convince me is the level design. Despite the beautiful aesthetic of each level, they tend to be a bit too similar, with the same type of generic assets, corridors, doors, vents and acid lava pits. I was also expecting enemies to be more varied, especially during the later chapters, because despite their beautiful cybernetic design the same ones are too often repeated through each level. Boss fights are different and cool enough, but as you can image, they don’t last for too long.

Overall, Mullet Mad Jack is a very addictive game that will easily capture your soul with its beautiful anime visuals and dystopian cyberpunk story. It’s an FPS filled with adrenaline, violence and nostalgia for the ‘90s that doesn’t last too long unless you play at higher difficulties or want to test your speed running skills against your friends and the entire Steam community.

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+ Fast-paced and brutal FPS with well-designed roguelike elements
+ It’s easy to get absorbed in the story
+ Gorgeous, nostalgic ‘90s anime art style
+ Banging soundtrack


- Not much variety of enemies
- Repetition in the level layouts and assets

Review Summary

A love letter to the ‘90s anime culture, Mullet Mad Jack is an incredibly fun and brutal FPS with well-designed roguelike elements and gorgeous visuals.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10