Mowin' & Throwin'


Introducing Mowin' & Throwin'

A fabulous new couch potato game. With 2 or 4 player gameplay, you will be controlling a gnome attempting to mow your lawn before your opponent. In 2 player mode, you will need to cut grass while you also collect fuel and avoid environmental objects being thrown at you by your opponent. In return, you can also use the same environmental objects to your advantage against them. These include items such as rocks, reverse portals, and fertilizer that regrows your opponent's grass along with other surprises. In 4 player mode, there are 2 teams; one person will concentrate on mowing while the other works on attacking the other players or keeping you in fuel. You will want to work out your strategies for 4 player coops. Your mower does have nitrous, be warned though, it eats fuel up at a high rate. It also has a cannon built-in your mower that you can fire bags of grass at your opponent as you cut enough supplies of grass. Let the lawn mower wars begin!

Release & self-published on May 31, 2019, by the developer House Pixel Games & their first release on Steam. This adorable indie title is a casual action couch potato brawler at heart that also brings along online multiplayer to sweeten the deal (requires the use of PARSEC to utilize online play). It features a delightful graphic design, cute characters, imaginative mechanics, with 8 maps to play of various designs and difficulty. There is full controller support and keyboard support for up to 2 players. Along with hats, hats, and more hats allowing you to spruce up your character with a variety of head coverings.

For Options, there is a fair assortment.

Gameplay: Hint icons, pregame tutorial, vibration on/off, Choose player number & reticle sensitivity.

Audio: Mute on/off, music and SFX sliders.

Video: Resolution, window or fullscreen, vsync, gamma & contrast sliders.

Controls: Players using keyboard settings, controller assignments per player.

Such a stunning little indie title, a great addition to my couch potato collection. We have had a riot playing, it will be a regular inclusion for couch potato events at home. I would like to see more maps added to the title as they do get a bit repetitive after a while. Some additional mechanics tossed in would also be sweet, maybe some per character buffs or additional environmental dangers unique to the design of the map (similar to what's in now). We did not run into any bugs during our game! If, you do not have friends to play with you can always use PARSEC then join their discord server to find others to play with. It has a fair price line with the amount of replayability the title has. For you couch potato lovers out here I would be as bold to say it's an instant gem! What are you waiting for, your not getting any younger sitting here reading this? Smash that Add to Cart button, grab some friends and make some frenemies today!


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+ Competitive Gameplay
+ Magnificent Graphics
+ Innovative Mechanics
+ Steam Achievements
+ Full Controller Support


- Could use more Content
- No Trading Cards

Review Summary

Mowin' & Throwin': Cutting Edge Couch Potato-Multiplayer Gameplay; I Mowed, I Battled, I Kicked Grass!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10