Mosaic, a narrative-driven adventure story game, provides a unique, surreal experience.

You wake up every day sleep deprived and tired from the past day's work.  As if that’s not punishment enough, you are greeted with an annoying phone alarm, and messages stating how bad you’re doing as a professional, how bad you’re doing as a person, as a son, and as a friend.

Feeling miserable and tired, you wonder how much worse it can get.  You gather some strength to get ready for the office, and wouldn’t you know it, you’re confronted with a pile of bills lying on the table.

You open the fridge in the hope of some food. It’s empty!

Oh, well; you’d better get going, it’s getting late.

You leave your apartment to find a beautiful ray of sunshine hitting your shoes. You walk towards the light. The beautiful sunshine hits your soul, making you feel like life's not that bad after all. It’s really peaceful, until reality hits.  You enter the lift to be ignored by two strangers; the same events every day, demoralizing and upsetting, breaking you slowly from the inside out.

Work hard as you may, your work will never be good enough for your employer.

And this cycle repeats itself, over and over again.

Mosaic’s surreal take on urban life hits the nail on the head; at times I could really relate to the protagonist.

In the 21st century we are connected 24/7, but in reality, we are so far apart. Modern life and privileges are both blessings and curses.

Mosaic represents all of this in great detail, but does not challenge these aspects of life, nor does it do anything to solve it or make much of an impact.

Although I don’t agree with the conclusion and what the creators were going for, I did very much appreciate the journey and the surreal experience.

The game’s perspective is an experience. I was always intrigued to see what was coming next.

While the story was depressing, and in itself brought me no joy, again and again the surreal moments were something that I wanted to experience.

I may not agree with a lot of things about Mosaic, but I admire and respect the work the developers put into the game.  The atmosphere, the narrative and the surreal tune, together with the day-to-day grind, were an experience that not many games provide.

Let’s talk about the puzzles. In short, they were not the best. The game provided an interesting story and gameplay, which drew me right in, but then there were these repetitive puzzles that were totally out of place and I found them annoying.

I was wondering about BlipBlop, the mini game that I’d heard so much about.  Turns out that it’s a simple clicker. Who would’ve known that a mini-game inside an indie game could be this enjoyable and addictive?

Although the setting were just fine, I do feel that a simple W, A, S, D would have been much better than the game’s Mouse left click and drag to walk. The interaction with items using the mouse left click was just fine and felt natural.

The narrative was strong; the game provided what was promised. A confronting experience.


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+ Story narrative
+ A confronting adventure
+ Atmospheric
+ Beautiful / grim visuals
+ Decent sound effects
+ Enjoyable Mini-game
+ Nicely represents the protagonist’s day-to-day grind
+ Unique take on modern life


- Puzzles were illogical and out of place
- Though adequate, I feel like a generic key control system would have been much better
- Minor performance issues
- Not for everyone as it is depressing

Review Summary

For narrative-lovers who enjoy a dark, surreal experience, Mosaic might be a gem!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10