Introducing Minigolf. An eye-catching game of, as the title indicates, minigolf.

You will be playing through 54 holes of varying difficulty and design. You will only need your mouse to play, the keyboard's space bar can be used to select your ball to begin each stroke, and the escape key will function as normal. You will be playing through unique locations, such as a circus, an old castle, a factory and more. Inventive layouts & obstacles will challenge you to come in under par. Over hills and through valleys, obstacles galore, and much more, reaching the hole will take a steady hand and a keen eye. The time is at hand, grab your putter and hit the greens!

Released on Mar 29. 2019, by the developer, Meridian93 Studio & published by HH-Games, this indie title is a casual, single player golf game that only requires a mouse to play. It features innovative 3D greens across 6 campaigns with 9 courses each, an advanced physics engine for realistic ball movement, save-game slots for 3 players, a very nice soundtrack and well-done sound effects. The putting mechanics also include angle shots to putt over hills or obstacles. With around 3 hours of gameplay and a decent replayability factor, it is a great relaxing way to waste a bit of time now and then as you try to master all the levels and get them all under par.

For Options

Hints, Fullscreen/Windowed, Dynamic Shadows.

Music and Sound effects sliders

The game does have a few issues, nothing game breaking though.

Some graphical glitches coming off the aiming line in some courses. Aiming and power selection gets hidden behind areas of the tracks at hills so you cannot see the directional line; you can still watch the power level upper left of the game but for aiming it makes it difficult when it happens. The game looks like it has a scorekeeper at the bottom of the campaign areas, the area says (your results), yet they do not change as you progress. Your low score is listed on the courses themselves. The results section is not functioning either; I have completed the game and not a single score is listed under the results page for any of the campaigns. The director often has some very weird camera angles; you're unable to rotate the game when shooting to see the playfield in the direction you are going towards, which was my worst annoyance with the title.

A cute little time-waster, it took me 3 hours from start to finish for my first playthrough. With cleverly designed greens to play on, the courses are quite different from most of the golf games I own, this one added some interesting twists to the genre I did not expect. It did take some time to get used to using the diagonal shooting function, but once you get used to it you will master the hills much more easily. Besides that, not a lot of things to learn; as you can imagine, its golf, so grab your putter and hit the ball around the courses. Set your power level, set the angle of the shot and away you go to the hole in as few strokes as you can. With a fair price line and medium replayability, it's good value for your library. If you love minigolf then this one is ready and waiting for your attention!

Golf is like life.. you strive for the green, but end up in the hole.


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+ Inventive Course Designs
+ Fair Price Line
+ Casual Gameplay


- No Trading Cards
- No Achievements

Review Summary

Minigolf: A Entertaining 3D Minigolf with Realistic Physics!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10