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The top one hundred detectives congregate at a huge apartment building where the most diabolical criminals reside. This is the starting ground for a competition to determine who is the best detective or who is the greatest criminal. However, should the detective fail in the final competition then one of the criminal masterminds will walk free to carry on doing criminal things.

The game starts with Chapter One: Action Called, But I’m On Hold; you begin the game as Detective Hackett. He’s a detective with vast experience, many accomplishments, and like “me” has dashing good looks. However, standing outside looking up at the huge building in front of you makes you feel small and pitiful. You step into the building and are greeted by a woman in an official-looking uniform with a name tag, “#greeter”. She asks you if you have your note? After checking it over and deeming it legit she rips it in half. Greeter then gives you your name tag, “#thinkswithfists”, then Greeter says she’s been warned about you and that you’re to leave all your weapons before entering the contest.

Once you’ve finished handing over your weapons to Greeter, she opens the doors to the main floor. Inside are what seems to be hundreds of detectives; you go in search of finding somewhere to plonk your ass. You bump into a like-minded detective, called #precision, and after some chat a loud jingle is played over the tannoy. The Game-Master then welcomes you to the competition where the greatest detectives go against the greatest criminal masterminds. From here the contest begins...

The criminals will construct a crime scene and the detectives will be required to solve the crime. You will need to solve the crimes as quickly as possible and with no errors; this will determine your stage ranking. Detectives and criminals will be eliminated at each stage until there is only one of each side remaining. At this point they’ll face off against each other in the final stage. If the detective wins then they’ll receive one million dollars, and if the criminal wins they will receive the cash and they will also be given parole.

At each crime scene you’ll be given a Case File, which will give you some information on the crime scene. Anything you can investigate is indicated by a magnifying glass. The detectives have skills called Methods which can help you uncover hidden clues; for example, Detective Nell can look at items in detail. Once you’ve completed searching the crime scene, you’ll have to come to your conclusion. Your conclusion will have to include how the crime was committed while also naming the criminals who staged the crime. To help you make your mind up you’ll have a choice of criminals to choose from. Each criminal has a Suspects File which will have some information on them, and their type of criminal activity.

Along with solving the crime there’s a Special Bonus (in the case file) which you’ll have to complete if you want to one hundred percent solve each crime scene. You’ll work with another detective on each crime scene and you’ll stay with that detective unless you fall in rank, in which case you’ll end up with another partner. In between crime scenes there are chapters where you’ll interact with other characters within the game. You can find some information on other characters and a story will unfold as you proceed.

In the settings you’ll find options for Full Screen, Windowed, Music and Sound Volume Controls, Skip Seen Text, Skip All Text, Test Speed, Auto-Time Speed, Show Transitions All/No, Unlock All Chapters.

On the main menu there’s Extras; here you’ll find Interviews, Bios, Gallery, Music Room, Ranks, Background Gallery, Case Files, Rulebook and a few other extras to unlock once you reach chapter one hundred. In Interviews you’ll be able to interview any character you encounter. Bios is where you can get some information on them along with the characters abilities, Likeability, Wit, Proactivity, Competency and Intellect. Case Files is where you’ll find the case files on any crime scene you’ve currently investigated. Gallery, Background Gallery and Music Room display images and music from the game. The Rulebook will detail the rules for each Stage of the contest.

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+ Enjoyable visual novel
+ Good graphics
+ Funny story and characters


- No achievements currently
- No cards currently

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How will your detective methods fare in a contest against criminal masterminds?

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10