Mad Father


The Drevis residence is a majestic mansion located in Northern Germany. The exterior is absolutely breathtaking, the interior decoration would bring happiness to whoever lives there. But there is sadness in this place. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the passing of Aya’s mother. Before going to bed, she asked her father if he would celebrate and remember the good times they had together on the day of her death. After a positive response, she fell into a deep sleep until being awoken by terrible screams coming from the mansion basement. The basement is where her father is conducting unorthodox experiments!

Mad Father is an adventure/horror/puzzle game with a touch of Anime (cut scenes) where you play a young girl named Aya. She was very close to her mother and despite knowing (to a certain degree) that her dad was performing strange experiments in the basement, they vowed to each other to always support him no matter what happens. That night, the screams were so intense that she decided to check it out herself and in the process found out the true story of her mother’s death.

As Aya explores this vast mansion, she will discover items by searching inside cabinets and wardrobes and around other furniture. Make sure she examines everything, everywhere. Also, she will collect gems. Some of them will appear when she successfully completes puzzles (they are not too difficult, to be honest) and others will be hidden within the mansion. 

Aya will meet interesting characters throughout this rich story but will also need to avoid some really scary people who will be chasing her; being caught is game over! So, if Aya happens to see a crow in a room, make sure she interacts with it to save her progress. The atmosphere of fear and of the unknown is great in Mad Father. On a couple of occasions, Aya will be caught, but she will be able to free herself with your help by pressing (using the arrows on your keyboard) as fast as possible the sequence which will appear on your screen.

I really like the pixel artwork and the Anime aspect of the cut scenes. The soundtrack really embellishes the acute atmosphere the game portrays - just marvellous! Control-wise they are responsive. The story is very good and will offer a few different endings, which is great. 


+ Good pixel artwork
+ Good story
+ Good atmosphere
+ Achievements and trading cards


- The game should have an option tab within the game menu

Review Summary

I enjoyed Mad Father from start to finish!  If you like Pixel artwork, horror and puzzle games. Then give this game a try, its fun!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10