LV99: Final Fortress


You start on the balcony of a fortress; outside the fortress a fierce battle ensues held back by a magical barrier. The Final Fortress is where two evil gods of ancient times reside, sealed away for all time. However, there are those who seek to release this evil upon the world. Before they are awakened three heroines arrive at the fortress to stop the evil from being released. Ariel, the chosen one, Billie, a dragon slaying princess from the north, and Celsia, a witch turned magician with stellar talents.

Inside the fortress you head over to talk with the commander before continuing into the dungeons. The three heroines head go talk to the commander before they set off to the western dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon there are two doorways on either side of the room, with some stairs between two dragon statues in front of you. Blocking one of the entrances are some blocks on the floor which can be moved, but only once; you’ll have to figure out where to move them so that you can pass. You will come across similar types of puzzles blocking your way through the dungeons. There are also other types of puzzles which you’ll have to complete before you’re allowed to move on.

In each of the dungeons there is a one of the evil gods, locked behind a stone door. In the middle of the room are three large keyholes; you must find the keys and use them on the locks to open the stone door so that you can enter and take on the evil gods. These keys are kept in purple chests which are hidden somewhere in the dungeon, high upon a raised platform. These chests are protected by a magical barrier, which you can weaken by defeating the creatures in the dungeon.

Scattered around the dungeon are standard wooden chests which you can open and may find some weapons, equipment or diamonds. You can also find diamonds inside jars which are found throughout the dungeon. You’ll have to smash the jars to see if there’s any surprise inside. Any diamonds you collect can be used to buy items from a seller back at the entrance where you spoke to the commander. In the dungeons you may come across some characters to interact with, who may send you on side mission.

I do enjoy playing these types of games and LV99: Final Fortress isn’t too bad of a game. It looks and sounds good, however, I do have one gripe and that is on Steam’s store page it says Full Controller Support although trying to play the game with my Xbox One controller does not work at all. You can use keyboard and mouse so it’s not that much of a problem. Using my mouse to move around seems to speed up the movement of the characters compared to just using the Arrow keys. I also had it where the text and options would flash; this changed once I changed the setting in the options Sync Monitor FPS to ON.


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+ Looks and sounds good
+ Enjoyable to play
+ Plenty of battles


- Controller not working
- No achievements currently
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Fight your way through monsters, dragons and super bosses, and solve puzzles as you journey through the dungeons of LV99 Final Fortress

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10