Lovely Planet 2: April Skies


The sequel to Lovely Planet and the 4th release set in the Lovely Planet universe. In this cute family-friendly shooter, you will be challenging your parkour skills across a floating world where one missed jump can mean disaster. You will need to defeat the mean red enemies while avoiding shooting the friendlies who are also present on the map. You will need to reach the goal for each level in a set amount of time. There are environmental challenges at play that change in their dynamics through the 5 different worlds, spanning over 100 levels. Each of the worlds has its own unique mechanics that mix up the gameplay, each progressively more difficult. It will require precise targeting and jumping if you hope to get 100% on the levels. It may take many attempts to get 100% for them all. It is a challenging game; achieving the top score for the levels is not easy as your time limits are short for completing each level to reach the best score.

Released Jun 18, 2019, by the developer QUICKTEQUILA and published by tinyBuild, I have tagged this indie title as Family-Friendly, Action, FPS, Difficult. It features colorful minimalistic low poly graphics, 5 distinctively different worlds with over 100 levels of challenging gameplay, and an even more challenging game mode to replay each of the levels. With hidden levels and secrets to discover along the way, a lovely upbeat soundtrack and well-done sound effects, and full controller support allowing you to play your way, it’s a fair price for the hours of gameplay you get out of the title.

Though it is a family-friendly game, I assure you the difficulty is not child's play. It is a challenging title that requires quick thinking and precise marksmanship along with good parkour skills if you hope to get top scores in all the levels. I have found the title to be rather hard to get 100% on the levels (as I am an aging gamer my reflexes are not what the used to be, but I still had a lot of fun trying). As the levels are pre-made and not randomly generated, it allows you to learn by repetition. For me, this helped a lot in progressing through the levels. I did not experience any bugs or errors during my gameplay. If you love a challenging parkour shooter, you’re in the right place. Find out today by hitting that add to cart button.

I would have loved to see this title with a co-op/couch potato competitive game mode, as its gameplay would have been perfect for a split-screen. Perhaps in a future release?

For Settings
Music Volume
SFX Volume
X&Y Speed & Invert
Controller On/Off
Additionals, FPS cap, Keyboard Layout, and Bindings, and Z7Y Speed Override.


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+ Pleasing Low-Poly Graphics
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Full Controller Support


- I have Nothing

Review Summary

Lovely Planet 2: April Skies: A Delightful Family-Friendly Game with Challenging Gameplay!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10