Lost Circus VR - The Prologue


Here you are, walking alone in the darkness of the night on the same road that leads to your home, when suddenly you hear a familiar tune coming from somewhere down the road. It sounds like the music of a circus. It’s bizarre as you’ve never heard of a circus stopping in your region. But you are intrigued and decide to follow the sound of the joyful music until it leads you straight in front of what looks like an old circus tent. Step by step, you move quietly and slowly towards the entrance of the Lost Circus VR – Prologue.

Lost Circus VR – The Prologue is a VR experience developed and self-published by VIRTUAL MAGIC on the Steam as early access in April 2020.

You’ll find yourself inside a barrel placed on a transport cart with someone trying to catch your attention. Blimey! It’s a clown, and he is about to wheel through a very odd circus. A few things will occur, and you’ll play a couple of small mini-games during your experience with Lost Circus VR. It is short but extremely well done.

I had several goes at it, and I must say that the creepy atmosphere is chilling. In every playthrough, I found something different that I hadn’t spotted on my previous run. The clown is just fabulous; the way he moves and expresses himself, and his performance is very entertaining.

The graphics, the animations and sounds are great. In the mini-game with the spiders, I found the accuracy a bit off when hitting them. But overall, it is well done. My biggest disappointment with this title is that I find myself wanting more of it; it’s very short.


+ Fabulous graphics
+ Great sounds
+ The clown is the hero


- Short experience
- No achievements or trading cards

Review Summary

Be wheeled through a Lost Circus by a creepy host clown.  An excellent visual experience!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10