Lorelai is the 3rd and final chapter of The Cat Lady Trilogy, the 2nd being Downfall. We have waited patiently for this time to come, and it was well worth the wait! In this 3rd and final installation of the trilogy, we will be playing as Lorelai, a young troubled soul who is thrust into a supernatural nightmare from which there may be no escape. Like the previous parts of the trilogy, the Queen of Maggots is hard at work seeking souls. Lorelai is having a difficult time dealing with all the things that life can pile on a young lady: starting a new job, an out-of-work drunkard for a step dad, a disconnected mother, along with a very young sister. Soon her life spirals out of control as she and the Queen of Maggots cross paths; caught between love, family and an unbelievable nightmare from which she may never escape. Can she save those she loves? Can she save herself? Will the Queen of Maggots let the world rest peacefully or will this nightmare continue forever? All these answers and more await you, for questions you didn't even know you had will beckon your soul for answers!

Released on Apr 26th, 2019, by Harvester Games, and published by Screen 7. Lorelai is a casual horror, adventure, with choices matter dialog. This is a passion project made by a single man's love for his game, creating a masterpiece and instant classic on our favorite platform. It shall be a long time before I am grasped in such a way by a game. It features partial controller support (Xbox 360), but I was more comfortable using a keyboard for my first playthrough. It is a thrilling adventure into a dark and forbidding world of pain and sorrow. With a visual art style that is simply engrossing. Part point and click, part side scroller, part classic adventure, it's genre-blending creates a world of incredible beauty and horror. It even has full HD (wink wink). Its story deals in some dark subject matter that will leave you slack-jawed, yet still craving more even after it has concluded. The voice acting is superb, a round of applause all around for a job well done. Along with an original soundtrack, all I can say is that I found myself mesmerized by the hauntingly beautiful music, where I found myself lost for minutes on end. Everything about this final chapter has been perfect.

I was blown away, though some of the subject matter went down a dark road many wouldn't drive, the title will keep you glued to your seat and pushing forward to the final conclusion. I was in a state of shock, so much so I needed a break to gather my composure. The game left me with many questions that only more playthroughs will answer. I have to play again! Did I make all the right choices? Could it have ended differently? I am still left with questions that can only be answered by revisiting the Queen of Maggots. I have seen at least one of the way the game ends, and I am compelled to unlock everything the title has to offer. I was only able to unlock 48% of the achievements my first playthrough. Achievement hunters will want to note it will require multiple playthroughs to 100% the title. These include hidden achievements! (Ugggh)

At the end of this game, as I sat going through all the screenshots I had taken as tears slowly trickled down my face for no apparent reason, even though it had been a good 5 mins or more since I closed the game. As a 50+ year-old grandfather it is not easy to admit that it was not the first time it happened as I played this game. Lorelai tore me up and spit me out with no remorse. I feel like I have waited a lifetime to play this title, to the point that the 3 year wait was nothing. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Hands down my #1 horror game I have played so far this year, and I play a lot of great games.

A Special Thanks to Remiguisz Michalski for his hard work and dedication to his titles, which allowed him to finally deliver to us this most epic ending of the saga of The Queen of Maggots. And to all you beautiful people that did the superb voice acting: Applause!


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Incredible Story
+ Fantastic Art Style
+ Marvelously Voice Acting
+ Haunting Soundtrack
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards


- Hidden Achievements
- I Have Nothing Else (besides the emptiness left inside knowing this is the end of the series)

Review Summary

Lorelai: The Conclusion to The Cat Lady Trilogy was Nothing Short of an Emotional RollerCoaster Ride Through Hell! I Think I May Need Therapy! A Bloody Masterpiece!

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Zeepond Rating: 10/10