Little Dungeon Stories


Your story in Little Dungeon Stories begins with a swipe to the left or right. You will then need to choose one of the four Spirit Traits on offer to you. These traits will give you a bonus of some sort: Strength, Humanity, Intelligence, Charisma, Luck, Defence, Keys etcetera, after which you’ll unlock a card or two in this level; these cards will appear in future ventures into the dungeon.

You draw a random card one after another, with each new card to move another Floor level. With each draw you will have two options; to swipe left or right. On the bottom of the card you’ll find some details about it; clicking and holding the card then moving it to the left or right will give you a bit of information on what happens if you swipe it one way or the other.

Starting in the Main Catacombs on Floor Zero, you will try and make your way to the highest floor possible. Every card you draw could be some lovely loot, monsters, traps, potions, weapons and/or characters.  What happens next will depend on which card you draw. It will also affect your Health, Energy, Humanity and Money for good or bad.

Health will decrease mainly while fighting without a Sword, although there are other ways you will lose health. Energy will be lost mainly when you have no Shield. Each time you swipe a card you’ll lose some Humanity. Money can be used to buy items in shops. You can increase in each of these topics although if any of them reaches zero then your story is over. Once your story is over, you’ll be given your overall Score and Score Overview. You will also have Your Story, which details your dungeon adventure.

In the bottom right corner, you’ll find Your Dungeon Stories, which is where you can check your past dungeon stories.

Cards is where you can check which cards you have currently unlocked. There are six types of cards: Equipment, Items, Props, Enemies, NPCs and Traps. Statistics will list your game statistics, including Games Played, Total Swipes, Shortest Run, Longest Run and Best Scores. See Achievements to find the achievements you have unlocked within game.

In the settings you’ll find options for Volume and Music, Languages English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Portuguese and Hungarian.

The game is easy to play; perfect for when you haven’t got much time on your hands, as a game can be quite short if things don’t go your way. Trying to beat your highest floor and highest score keeps you coming back for more. I also tried playing by just swiping the cards left and right without reading what they were, just to see how far I could go, which was quite fun. It’s not a big game; each game you play is random and your actions will determine how long it will last.


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+ Easy to play for everyone
+ Great for when time is an issue
+ Has achievements


- No cards currently

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Swipe your way through a dungeon as you create your Little Dungeon Stories.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10