Legion 51


It’s about time that we knew the truth about Area 51! What secrets are held in this facility? How do we actually get access to the main gate without being arrested and imprisoned for a certain number of decades? Well, thank you for this amazing idea . . . let’s raid Area 51 and stream it live on your portable device! That will surely bring more lunatics to your quest and they might even have a chance to enter the most protected American military airfield based in Nevada. You could even be original and call it . . . .  Legion 51!     

Legion 51 is an action/strategy game developed and self-published by Nik Zayne on the 20th of November 2019 on Steam.

The goal is to reach 5 outposts, including the main gate of Area 51, as fast as possible with a minimum of fan casualties. It’s only 1,300 meters but you’ll need to have a strategy in place to get there fast.

Your first run will be rather short, a few meters in fact, as you’ll only have one participant. What courage this character has (or it might be just plain stupidity?). Whichever it is, he will regenerate hype points. These points are given at the end of each run according to the distance you covered. You need to run 200 meters to reach the first outpost. So, if you manage to reach 170 meters in one run, you’ll get over 170 + hype points. Occasionally, when one of your runners falls, an electric symbol will appear at the spot of his or her unfortunate but probable death and you’ll need to click on it to acquire more points. Interestingly, there are not set numbers each time you click on these symbols. If you haven’t reached the next outpost with one or more runners, you’ll re-start from the previous outpost, from which you can buy new units with your hype points prior to your next run. 20 points will get you 1 to 2 followers while 150 points will give you 12 to 15 new companions. You can only upgrade your fans to specific units before each run and this is where your need to figure out your next strategy. Would you have more followers with armour (defenders’ units), or would more nurses and medics be more helpful? But don’t underestimate sprinters or chemists; with more chemists, you’ll add health to your group, while with more sprinters, your group will run faster.  Bear in mind, it will cost you a certain number of normal followers to upgrade to a specific unit.  Each of these units can also be upgrade, but it will cost you a number of these units to produce a better one.

When you reach the second outpost, you’ll be given an additional skill to heal the masses, and by reaching the third outpost you’ll acquire the crazy run ability. Each time you use an ability, it will take several seconds to regenerate before you can use it again.

It’s a really funny game and I find myself laughing and cheering on my group on every single run; a simple game, but quite addictive. And let me tell you, there will be more firepower against your group each time you reach a new outpost.

Great Polygon graphics, and I really like the diversity of the fans’ outfits, especially in terms of hats; some will be wearing sombreros, while others have donned cones, Roman helmets and bunny ears, along with other props - it’s fun! Good soundtrack, the game runs very well and the price tags is fair.


+ Fun Polygon graphics
+ Fun concept
+ Upgradable followers
+ Very funny and surprisingly addictive
+ Achievements


- Repetitive
- No trading cards as yet

Review Summary

It’s only 1,300 meters and five outposts to reach the main door of Area 51 . . . you’ll find yourself cheering these lunatics all the way through!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10