Killing Floor 2


Are you ready to take your place in a small team of six soldiers? Be ready to look out for each other when the waves of “Z” are coming at you from each side of the hexagon? Oh dear…. The first wave is coming at us… Get ready to Zumble!

Killing Floor 2 is a co-op FPS game where you take control of one of six characters and try to eliminate wave after wave (between 7 to 10 waves, depending on which server you are playing) of zombies until you face either the “Patriach” - this scary and rather large mutated zombie/robot/Hulk thingy who has a rather heavy arsenal and is very strong in melee combat , or “Hans Volter”- the Nazi evil doctor who is holding himself pretty well for his age (he is around 100 years old) and likes to throw Toxic and High Explosive grenades! But don’t give him a chance to cuddle you as he will squeeze the life out of you to regenerate his own!

But before you get to the bosses you will face eleven types of “Zeds”, some will be easy to eradicate and some will be rather tough. At the end of each wave, you will be directed to a specific pod (there are several pods per map) where you will be able to buy ammunition, weapons and armour. Every kill you get is more money to spend at the pod! You have 40 different weapons you can use in this game; each weapon will fall into one of 7 categories – Beserker – Commando – Support – Field Medic- Demolition – Gunslinger and Firebug weapons. Whatever you use, at the end of the game you will get points for it. For example, only use a hunting shotgun (I doubt you will do that) and you will level up your support category faster than the others.

10 original maps to play in, from Burning Paris to the Catacombs passing by the Farmhouse; they are all very good and well designed. Some are bigger than others but equally as fun and challenging.

From the difficulty point of view, it will depend on which server you will be playing but you will be able to choose between Normal, Hard and Suicidal.

Graphically, this game is fabulously detailed and it runs very well. I enjoy the slow motion effect too, it’s just great! If you like heavy metal, the soundtrack is really good and fits the game perfectly. It’s hectic!


+ Great and fun Co-op FPS game
+ 10 + maps to play in
+ 40 weapons to use
+ Great re-playability
+ Great graphics & soundtrack
+ Achievements & trading cards


- A bit repetitive

Review Summary

Killing Floor 2 is fun, it’s fast and full of Zeds!!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10