So, if I understand correctly, I have to reach those two checked flags on the little floating platform all the way over there. And I have to do that as fast as possible. Umm. . . How do I get there with all these other floating platforms in the way? Come again . . . you must be joking! Bugger me, you’re NOT joking. . . I have to JUMP all the way there? Jump, Jump and Jump again!

Jumps is a First Person Platformer / Parkour game where you have to reach the checked flags as fast as you can, jumping on floating platforms.

The game has six worlds to beat. Each of them has ten levels to clear. To unlock the next world, you have to clear all stages within a specific amount of time; to give you an example, you have to clear all the stages of the second world under 145 seconds in order to unlock the third world. 

The gameplay is extremely fun and also challenging. Each of the worlds has their own theme; from Plain to Snow to Steampunk. What I personally enjoy is the diversity of the levels. Some of the stages is straight forward while others have multiple platforms for you to land on after each of your jumps, which can be quite tricky and you’ll need several goes to find the right path to reach the checked flags.

The game play is simple, but so much fun! Through the parkour, you have to collect upward arrows symbols to be eligible to jump. Remember, you have a limited number of jumps and you must collect those arrows to get additional jumps.  Missing one will ultimately result in the end of your parkour. Thank God, they are pretty short, though. As you progress through the levels and worlds, you’ll come across trampolines and speed boosts which will help you to clear the stage. However, other obstacles will come your way and just might push you to your death.

Graphically, the game looks good and the soundtrack is up-beat and very catchy. In regards to the controls, at this stage you can only play with the mouse and keyboard. I set up my mouse sensitivity on the lower side so I could gain better control within the game. 


+ Good graphics
+ Fast, fun and challenging
+ 60 levels
+ Good price point
+ Achievements and trading cards


- Gamepad not supported.

Review Summary

Jumps is a really fun, challenging parkour game. Your main goal is to reach those checked flags over there. Have fun jumping, and reach those flags!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10