Interrogation: You will be deceived


Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived, is an amazing Visual Noir Novel with a compelling cast of characters that complement the rich story-driven detective-noir experience really well.

Playing as a lead detective trying to solve small-time crimes, gathering evidence, interrogating suspects and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, it seems like just another day at the job.

Until the Liberation Front happens…

Multiple bomb explosions rock the city. The local PD scramble to piece together what just happened.

The initial assessment finds that the terror group, Liberation Front, is behind this.

Leading a group of DP’s top investigators, you now have to figure out the motive behind the attack and work your way through grueling interrogations of the suspects to figure out who is responsible. 

Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived brings an interesting and intense twist to the Visual Novel genre.

The increasingly difficult conversational puzzles that were necessary to uncover the terrifying conspiracy felt surreal and kept me on the edge of my seat for the duration of my playthrough.

The intense story consists of multiple well-written characters, some of whom play an active role throughout the game and others a passive role. The character progression is great.

Each character feels as if he/she has a purpose along with their own individual motivations.

Even the suspects play an important part in highlighting each scenario. Each suspect has highs and lows, which adds a certain flair to each interaction.

The main feature that the game highlights is its skill in interrogation. Each interrogation feels surreal and intense. The dialogues are well written, with each interrogation starting anywhere from small talk to straight-out accusations. Depending on the suspect and the scenario, either option can play out well or go sideways really quickly.

The majority of the scenarios seem to benefit from starting slowly, with small talk and minor questions, and escalating from there.

The interrogations were well written for every suspect and witness. Your choice of either small talk, questions or straight accusation options prompt different reactions and answers.

During each interrogation there will be two meters continuously running in the background.

  1. Heart rate monitor.
  2. Breathing monitor.

As the interrogations intensify, the suspects will start showing tell-tale signs with their ever-increasing heart rate and heavy breathing.

There’s a SFW torture scenario if you choose it, with three different types of torture.

One aspect that I found unnecessary was the budget management; the fact that a detective is having budget issues and has to manage his team’s budget on his own was distracting.

Expressive Noir Art; this game brings an interesting art style to the table with its real actor footage and atmospheric music.

Certainly not for everyone, those who can pay attention to dialogue and who have a keen eye for detail will find it rewarding.


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+ Rich Story
+ Immersive
+ Unique art style
+ Great sound effects
+ Great conversational puzzles
+ Quite a few unique characters
+ Each chosen dialogue prompts appropriate reactions and answers
+ SFW Torture scenes


- Distracting budget management feature

Review Summary

Challenging Detective-Noir experience; brainstorm your way through the investigation to uncover the conspiracy.

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10