I Will Eat You


Beware, adventurers, a hungry wild beast is on the loose that thinks you would make a great snack. In this wonderfully fun multiplayer hide-and-seek survival game, you are either a wild beast looking for lunch or a survivor who must survive for a time-limited session. As the beast, your goal is to capture all the survivors within the allotted time. As the survivor, your goal, of course, is to hide from the beast until the timer runs out. Both sides have powers to use to their advantage, managing these properly is key to winning. With the option of 6,9, or 12 player PVP/Co-op gameplay with a ton of humor packed inside. You can play with as few as 2 players.

Released & self-published on Dec 6, 2019, by the developer GSE.
It's still getting additional content added. With 6 gorgeous maps, 6 survivor characters (with 2 more in progress), 4 beasts (with 3 more in progress). These must all be unlocked with the currency earned while playing according to your level. Each character has their unique abilities. There are customizations for the characters you can purchase to add to the fun. The low-poly graphic style is delightful; simple yet visually stunning. The audio system is just as influential in setting the stage for the charming laughable play. A riot with friends or random players; now with up to 12 players, the action will be warming up. A laugh-a-thon of witty humor awaits you in this over-looked gem.

When I saw the title, I had to have it! The visual style reminded me a lot of another hide and seek title I play called "Witch It"; a favorite for our group games. I wasn't let down; it is a clever, entertaining indie title, with imaginative mechanics that will have you laughing your bottom off with the comical action. The visual style is amazing; my screenshot finger was going crazy! It can be difficult to find a public game (at this time) as it is a newer release, so check steam charts for active server times. I found weekends in the evenings to be the best time to find public games for me. As sales increase, so will the player-base, which I am looking forward to. For the price, you can't go wrong; it a refreshing take on the hide & seek genre. Grab a copy for you and your friends on the cheap for some tantalizing humorous fun; you won't regret it.

My only complaint is the balance of playing the beast or survivor, as we often had the same person get the beast 4 or more games in a row, and the other players did not get a chance to play the part. Also, there is no map cycling when hosting a game; to play a different map you have to close and restart a new server. Some balancing I believe is needed for these at the time of my review. Besides that, it is a brilliant little indie game with a developer that listens to the players for improving the title.

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Lovely Low-Poly Graphics
+ Marvellous Sound Effects
+ Hilarious Multi-Player Action
+ Steam Achievements


- No Controller Support
- No Steam Trading Cards(at this time)

Review Summary

I will eat you: a remarkably hilarious hide-and-seek game with breathtaking low-poly graphics and a ton of laughs.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10