Highly Likely


Somewhere in the countryside of Ukraine, Mikola lives on his farm with his wife and pets. Due to some unexpected circumstances, he finds himself in debt to the bank with a deadline looming. He needs to make money and make it fast, or the bank will take his farm. He has invested his life into his farm and cannot lose it this way. The times are hard, and making money is no easy task in this day and age. Mikola decides to go for a walk in the countryside to think of a way to resolve his problem, and as he strolls along the forest path, he comes upon an old soviet era pipeline. He gets a brilliant idea about how to make some money, if there is anything still any oil in this old pipeline. Though it isn't right to steal, he has to save his farm. From here hilarity ensues as he formulates a plan to pay off the bank.

As an Early Access release, the game is in a state of heavy development. At the time of my review, there are four out of six levels for the first chapter of three planned chapters for the title. So, there is still much work ahead of them to reach full release. It has a solid foundation in place at present, and they are working daily to get the first chapter finished to be able to move forward to the other 2 chapters.

Released & self-published on Jan 23, 2020, by the developer Mikola Games, it is tagged as Early Access, Adventure, Historical, I have added Point & Click, Indie, Narration, and Casual to the tags. It features a fun storyline and a well-done graphic design using a parallax scrolling background. An original soundtrack complements the gameplay as it sets the mood for the scenes. The narration is exceptional in its delivery; the voice acting is also well done. With questing and tons of interactive items used in the progression for the title.  With over 20 characters and 130 animations for them, the game is a visual treat. Fun level design in 23 locations that are played at both day and night. Partial Controller support is included; I used my Steam controller with no issues.

I had a lot of fun with the amount of gameplay currently developed, and am looking forward to continuing the title as it is released. It has a lot of humor within; I had my fair share of chuckles for just four levels being in place. I loved the different scenic design throughout the various levels, as well as the use of parallax scrolling that added depth, rather than a static background (thumbs up). I do love this genre and look forward to full release of the title. I am weak though, and will continue as chapters finish (true story lol). It is a linear title with many areas and sub-areas to explore as you gather needed items and perform required functions to save your farm from the evil banking system. It is a little rough around edges; I have found and reported some "minor" bugs, but nothing game-breaking. I had a riot! Now it up to you, if you're ready for a wild and zany adventure with Mikola.

I will revisit the title as progression is made in development, as I see a lot of potential in the title. Keep up the great work, loving it!


Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!


+ Fantastic Narration
+ Excellent Visual Style
+ Original Soundtrack
+ Intriguing Story
+ Steam Achievements
+ Partial Controller Support


- No Steam Trading Cards (at this time)
- A few minor bugs (reporting)

Review Summary

Highly Likely: A Charming, Narrated Adventure Full of Humor, Liquor, Oil & Money What could go wrong?

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10