Hidden Animals: Photo Hunt


What is absolutely amazing in the world we live in is the number of species that inhabit it. Lucky for us, we are part of the smartest of all, the human race. Well, that is a generic statement and can lead to interesting debates when we talk about some of the leaders we have out there! ;) Regardless, whether you are young or old, it’s always fascinating to look and learn about animals and their origins. It’s time for you to scan this beautiful world of ours and snap pictures of hidden animals in the continents they live in.

Hidden Animal: Photo Hunt is a hidden object (animals in this case) / education game developed and published by Crisp App Studio.

This time around, I feel that Crisp App Studio is reaching for a broader audience with this game.  If you are a fan of this genre of game, you’ll definitely enjoy it. The game consists of 13 destinations within 7 continents (6 if you combine Europe and Asia as many do) and one sea with over 300 species to photo hunt. Each of the 360-degree panoramic levels will have between 16 and 40 animals to find. In each level, you have to find either 7 or 8 animals in under a minute to earn three gold stars and be at the top of the leader board with maximum points. You still have a couple of hint buttons to use along the way if you need to. The hint button on the bottom left side of your screen will show you what the animal looks like when you press on it. The other hint button located on the bottom right corner of your screen will show you where the animal is hidden within the scenery. However, you need to wait 30 seconds to regenerate and re-use it. The other difference this title from Crisp App Studio has, compared to their other games, is that as soon as you start a level, the time will start too, and therefore you’ll have no time to scan the scenery before starting the clock. This feature increases the level of re-playability if you are looking to score three golden stars.

The reason I mentioned that I feel that the game is designed to reach a wider audience, is that adults, parents and grand parents can play this game easily with their children and grandchildren and experience and learn about these animals together. On the top left corner, you’ll have an encyclopedia where all the animals are listed. Press on the one you’d like to know more about, and you’ll be sent directly through the Wikipedia page of the animal in question. A great bonding experience for any child and their parents or grandparents! Well done guys, I like this. In terms of how the animals are blended into the scenery, it will depend on the level. In the Antarctica level, it will easier to spot them than that in the American Forest, for example. You’ll also be treated with the sounds of the animals and small animations within the environment; leaves that fall from the trees, and snow drifting down for example.

Nice graphics and sounds. Good number of animals to find, but there are too few levels, I must say. I thought we could have more underwater levels. I personally like the fact that you are redirected to the Wikipedia page of each animal, if, of course, want to know more about them with your children.


+ Good graphics
+ Over 300 animals to find
+ Great to play with children
+ Achievements


- Need more levels
- No trading cards

Review Summary

Hidden Animal: Photo hunt is great to play for all ages.

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10