Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1


You play as an adventurer who’s been travelling through the wilderness for the past couple weeks without seeing anyone. It’s starting to get late, so you decide to find some food and make camp somewhere. Looking down on the screen you’ll notice that there is a Fog of War covering part of the screen. The part of the screen you can see is covered with trees, shrubs, grass and flowers, along with some animals and what looks like a campfire.

You’ll notice a basket with an arrow pointing to it above a shrub; the shrub contains berries which you can collect. However, to collect the berries or anything else throughout the game you’ll need certain requirements. Selecting the basket will display the necessary requirements for collecting the berries. If you have the requirements, in this case to collect the berries, you need two strength. As you’re hungry, before going on you need to eat; to do this you need to select the Cutlery icon in the bottom right corner. This will open a window which contains all the food you are able to eat. It also details how much Strength you’ll gain from eating one piece of food. You can select how much of the food you want to eat now; this will detail the total Strength you’ll gain.

Now that you’ve had your fill, you must find somewhere to camp and start a fire. A camp site is indicated on the screen as a little campfire with some Z’s. To camp and start a fire you’ll need some firewood; luckily for you there’s some in your backpack. It takes one piece of firewood to light a fire; once lit everything will go dark except for the light around the fire, and your adventurer will be rested and gain ten strength. After waking, the fog of war is lifted, revealing everything on screen. Now you can see a log cabin along with a Master Woodcutter and a couple of workers.

You can interact with the characters you come across, although there are some with whom you won’t be able to interact at first.  In this case, completing a quest for someone or reaching a certain point in the game will allow you to interact with those characters. You can buy weapons, items and food, or sell items that you collect at various traders as you move through the game.   With some characters, you can craft potions and cook food if you have the right ingredients. You can go fishing; you may even collect the Golden Fish, which can be sold for a nice bit of pocket change. You can also find Crystals and Loot which can be sold for a tidy profit.

There are creatures that will stand in your way before allowing you to move on. To defeat these creatures, you must have certain requirements; these will vary depending on the creatures, and may be include some type of weapon, strength and possibly some other types of requirements. Not all weapons can be used on all creatures; for example, you can only use a Dagger on certain creatures, like Hornets or Rats.  Other creatures can only be attacked with a Sword, but before you can wield a sword you must learn the skill of Fighting with Swords. You can find new Skills as you progress and interact with other characters. There are other Skills to learn which will allow you to use weapons and tools. Use your tools to collect various hidden resources that you’ll find scattered around; collect these by clicking on them. All collectable resources are indicated by the tool necessary for cutting them down, or in the case of food, by a basket.

As you interact with more characters and complete quests for them, you’ll gain Stars along with some rewards. These stars are your Fame and they’ll allow you to proceed to another area once you’ve collected enough.

In the settings there’s options for Effects, Environment and Music Volume controls, Display Mode, User Profiles and Language (English, Czech Republic, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish and Turkish).

Hero of the Kingdom – The Lost Takes 1 is quite a relaxing game to play, which is always something I like. The storyline is good, the graphics are nice, and the sounds and music are also nice. The game is easy enough for most folks to play, and the achievements are easy enough to one hundred percent upon finishing the game.


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for Zeepond.com!


+ Nice graphics
+ Enjoyable and relaxing game
+ Has achievements


- No cards currently

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Along with your new friend, Brent, help the people overcome the evil in the city while also looking to defeat the dragon, as you become the Hero of the Kingdom

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10