Hermes: Sibyls' Prophecy


Zeus and Hermes are sitting on a cloud chatting while doing a spot of fishing, when suddenly an iron feather comes floating down. Hermes cannot believe that it’s a coincidence! It’s the second sign they’ve seen today. Recalling a prophecy, “Watch for when birds with iron feathers swoop down from above and a mute animal begins to speak.” However, Zeus laughs it off, saying it’s just an old story his parents told him so he’d be a good boy and behave. Apparently, the prophecy foretells a time when all the gods will become mortal. “It’s all nonsense!” says Zeus.

Hermes then asks Zeus to explain how a sheep can talk; a shepherd had told him this morning that one of his sheep was talking but Hermes brushed it off as nonsense. Although now, after seeing this iron feather, Hermes believes that the prophecy is coming true. Not all of the prophecies foretold by the soothsayers, the Sibyls, have come true, Zeus says. Hermes wants to go and find this shepherd and find out if any of his sheep have really started talking. If it’s true, then surely the signs are pointing to troubles that lay ahead. So, you set off to find out if the gods can truly lose their immortality.

There are fifty levels, with each level having a number of objectives to complete in order for you to move on to the next level. You begin at base, a tent somewhere on the level, and extending out from the tent are pathways which lead around the map to various locations. Along the pathway are resources and obstacles which you need to collect, remove or build upon. To remove an obstacle or to build a bridge will require certain resources; these could be Food, Gold, Stone or Weapons, the four most used resources.  You can gain others, such as wood, from merchants who might have various other items you need.

Removing Columns requires that you have Thirty Food, Thirty Gold and One Worker, but you will also receive Ten Stone in having it removed from the pathway. You gain other resources for the removal of other obstacles. At various locations throughout the map there are Construction Sites; you can use these to Plant a Grove (Food), Build a Bank (Gold), Build a Quarry (Stone) and Build a Forge (Weapons) for a regular supply of resources. Using the resources, you’ll be able to rebuild Temples and other places in which to call the gods. The gods can help you in many different aspects, such as defeating creatures like the Stygian Dogs or Stymphalian Birds.

Once you have completed all the objectives, you’ll gain one to three Stars depending on how well you’ve done. You will also gain points which can be on the Acropolis, found on the world map. At the acropolis you can rebuild temples and shrines with the points you gain from each level. Rebuilding them will give you some bonus, such as Temple Repair costing 20% less, or your workers working 10% faster.  

In the settings, you’ll find Music and Sound Volume Sliders, Tutorial, Full Screen and Cursor Tick Boxes for On or Off Options.  

I like these types of games; they are fun and relaxing to play and Hermes Sibyls Prophecy has been enjoyable. The story is good and the graphics are nice. I did have one problem which happened a couple times; I tried to build on a construction site but the list of options wouldn’t open so I was unable to continue and had to leave the game. I think this problem occurred after I found myself in a position where I didn’t have the resources I needed, so I restarted the level. It was then that I noticed I couldn’t build on a construction site. This was the second time it happened; I’m not sure if it was the same the first time it happened. Apart from this minor hiccup, I’ve not had any other problems.  

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+ Enjoyable fun game for all
+ Multiple difficulties
+ Good story
+ Has achievements


- Couldn’t construct a building a couple times
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Help Hermes and the other gods from losing their immortality as you search for a way to stop a prophecy, in Hermes: Sibyls Prophecy.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10