Gunfire Reborn


You start the game as the Crown Prince and find yourself in a tavern talking to Master Bhalg about the mission you’re about to go on. Master Bhalg says that a demonic aura has appeared at the Longling Tomb in Dragon’s Peak. Before heading out to the Longling Tomb, Master Bhalg gives you a Jade Pendant saying it could be useful to you.

Selecting New Adventure will take you to the lobby where you can add up to three friends in co-op for a private match. You can go solo should you wish to try your luck on your own. Ticking the “Matching” box will match you up with other online players looking for a game. There is a difficulty setting which currently is only set as Normal, below the difficulty setting is Start for when you’re ready to begin spanking some botty.

You start the first level the Longling Tomb with an initial weapon, the Foundry, a basic weapon with unlimited ammo. You can have up to three weapons at one time, and you’ll gain new weapons as you kill enemies. There are plenty of different types of weapons, rifles, crossbows, pistols. Each weapon has DMG, CritX, Rounds/100s and Magazine stats, each weapon also has various other bonuses and weapon skills.

There are five stages, with the sixth stage a battle against a boss. As you make your way through each stage, you’ll come across various types enemy trying to kill you and stop your progress. Each of the stages in the Longling Tomb consists of rooms and corridors. Scattered around is pottery which breaks when shot and may contain some goodies. Barrels explode when shot, causing damage and poisoning enemies in range (depending on the type of barrel). To move forward you’ll need to clean a stage before moving on to the next one.

At certain places you may notice a crack in a wall which is glowing pink; if you shoot the crack it will open a portal (unless you’re Cpt Froggy; bloody useless, he can’t open the portal). What lies behind each portal is random; sometimes you’ll have to clear all enemies or to run a gauntlet of traps. Near the portal exit will be a treasure chest, and upon opening you may gain some Gold Coins and/or Soul Essence, along with a random Ascension or Occult Scrolls. Scrolls can also be found from defeated enemies. Any Soul Essence collected can be used to revive (you should you end up on your botty). You can also buy Talents with any essence left after you’ve popped your clogs. There are four categories in which you can spend your essence: Expedition, Survival, Battle, and Hero. These talents will increase your character’s stats.

Ascension scrolls will give your character an upgrade in one of three subjects: Element, Smoke and Orb. There are six upgrades in each subject and each subject can be upgraded three times giving you a much-needed boost in stats. With each Ascension you find, you will have the choice of three upgrade options. Occult scrolls will also give you a boost in your stats, although they could cause you problems if they happen to be cursed. You can discard any occult scrolls you don’t fancy having. Like the Ascension scrolls, they give you a random positive or negative effect on your stats.

At certain points in each level you will come across two characters with whom you can interact. The first is the Peddler, who you can buy some items from for some of your gold. You can buy Magic Buns to increase your health, replenish all Ammo and Grenades, and there may be some guns or even scrolls which you could buy. The other character is the Craftsman, here he’ll be able to upgrade your weapons if you have the moolah. Both characters will be available to you right before you enter the arena to fight the boss of the level.

I’d love to tell you what happens after the first boss but so far, the git has spanked my botty at every try. I played a co-op with the Cpt Froggy and I was carrying him as per the norm, so I still haven’t got past the boss, but I’ll get there in the end. The game is really good fun to play; the graphics look great and even though I had around three hundred and twenty-five pings playing co-op with Froggy, the game still ran smoothly and only had the odd spot of lag.

The game is in Early Access so might change in the future and may have some bugs here and there (although I haven’t seen any yet). There are plenty of updates being made to improve the game.

In the options you’ll find Game Settings, Mouse/Keyboard, Video, Audio and Controller


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+ Great looking graphics
+ Up to four player co-op
+ Has achievements


- Frustrating at times
- No cards currently

Review Summary

Gunfire Reborn is a fun FPS co-op game, however if you want to advance, don't play with Piston and Froggy ... Bloody Useless!!!

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10