GREEN The Life Algorithm


In a world overrun by genetically altered vegetation, you will be traversing above and below ground as you battle your way through enemies, dangerous terrain, puzzles as well as wicked bosses. As you seek out answers to who or what is causing these mutations that do not die, beware of the terrain as it is quite deadly should you fall into vegetation. Use your stunned enemies to your advantage; beware though, as they will soon return to life. Use your Parkour skills to examine all the lands for secret areas with bits of story lore. Upgrades will be available as you progress, and as you grow in power the gameplay will also be more challenging. A fun yet challenging Platform for a gamer of my age. Do you have what it takes to take back this world?

Released & self-published on Nov 22, 2019, by the developer ESTACION PI Y DISEÑO. It is tagged as Indie, Action, Adventure, Strategy. I have added a 2D Platformer to the tags as well. It features a spectacular graphic design accompanied by an entertaining soundtrack. There is plenty of parkour action as well as a variety of enemies & bosses through an endlessly changing world. It has its own set of mechanics to set it apart from other titles in the genre. The Camera Director pans and zooms the view of the game in its own unique vision.  There is also full controller support allowing you to play it your way.

I found G.R.E.E.N. to be a challenging title. It started rather casually, but ramped up the challenge as I progressed. I had a hard time mastering the multi-jumps from one surface to another, mainly when the Director zoomed out the game world. However, when the Director was in a normal view, I didn't have an issue with the jumps; some tweaks may still be needed in this area. I am still learning to use my Steam Controller. I did switch to my Xbox controller with no change in control behavior; whether it’s me or the game I am not sure. Besides the frustration at some of the areas I had issues with, the game was a blast! I am rather enjoying seeking out the secrets hidden around the game world. The combat has been fun and not overly hard to break down the dynamics of the enemies you're faced with. I would have loved to have had coop available for the title, even if it was just local (I know not every game will be coop).

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+ Fun Challenging Platforming
+ Fabulous Graphic Style
+ Lovely Soundtrack
+ Steam Achievements
+ Full Controller Support


- No Steam Trading Cards (at this time)

Review Summary

G.R.E.E.N. The Life Algorithm: A Challenging 2D Platformer Set in a World Overrun by Unkillable Genetically Mutated Plants. Much More than Weed Killer is Needed Here!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10