Greed 2: Forbidden Experiments


Julia hasn’t been sleeping too well for the last three nights due to a vivid and strange nightmare. She sees herself tied up on an operating table with two people dressed in black, each wearing a mask with bright green lights as eyes. As she demands to be freed, one of her captors slowly moves his hands towards her eyes to close them. That would scare the hell out of anybody, I reckon! When she wakes up, she is back in the safety of her apartment! A bit shaken, she takes a deep breath to calm herself down, and then receives a phone call from someone who knows her name, and had sent her a special package the previous week. After opening the envelope, she finds out that a cult known as The Oracles, is about to finalise their experiment on another human, who happens to be her twin sister who was abducted many years ago! There are no two ways about it, she must find out where her sister is being kept and save her in Greed 2 Forbidden Experiments!

The Greed 2: Forbidden Experiments is a Hidden objects game developed by Urchin Games and Published by HH Games on the 21st of January 2019 on Steam.

After creating your game profile, you’ll be prompted to choose which level of difficulty you’d like to play. Here, you’ll be able to choose to play on the normal, hard or detective mode of difficulty. While in the normal mode, you ‘ll be able to see all the active areas (highlighted by sparkles), you can skip and win puzzles, and your hint button will recharge fairly quickly. This will not be the case in the detective mode, for example, which will result in a slightly longer game time.

The first scene is in Julia’s apartment; it’s a nice, simple tutorial for newcomers to the genre, and a brush up for experience gamers. Then Sophia will fly to a laboratory where her sister is supposed to be held.

From here it will be all about scanning each location to find items and use them together with other objects in order to move forward through the story. I really enjoyed the phase where you must use a flashlight to find the objects. There are also a couple of other items to collect: Julia’s sister’s diary notes (of which there are nine), and the Oracle’s cult emblems (10 in total); they can’t be missed, as they are obvious.

I did enjoy the story and the hidden objects phases in my first gameplay. Unfortunately, the objects that you need to find don’t change in the second playthrough, which doesn’t give you much re-playability. Nonetheless, the graphics are colourful and the game is fun, even if it is a bit short - you’ll probably finish it within two hours.


+ Colourful graphics
+ Nice story
+ Three levels of difficulty
+ Easy to play


- Short game
- No achievement or trading cards as yet

Review Summary

Rescue your twin sister from The Oracles cult in Greed 2: Forbidden Experiments!

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Zeepond Rating: 6/10