Right, we need to be well equipped here because it’s going to be fast and furious. Ah, here is my hammer to thump those smiley big red balls that want to munch the life out of me. Here it is, my faithful shotgun. . .  See how those blue triangles react when I shoot them right in their cyclops eye! Where the hell did I put my jumping boots? No way, I am not starting this level without my boots! Are you kidding me? Who. . . why did you press the start button? I told you I don’t have my boots. In the Gorescript without jumping boots, I am going to catch a cold!

Gorescript is an FPS inspired by the old classic of that genre, and if you are a fan of this style of game, just like I am, you’ll be in nostalgia heaven. This game has eighteen levels to clear with two bosses to kill.

First, you have to choose from one of five levels of difficulty which start from easy all the way to masochistic, with another two additional options, being blackout and permanent death. If you wish to select one of these two options, just tick the boxes. The major difference between the difficulties is the speed of your enemies, and boy it is drastically hard in the masochistic difficulty.

The levels are well-designed and not too long, but tricky, depending on the difficulty you have chosen. There are secret rooms to discover that hold power ups. However, they are not obvious at all and you will have to scrub all the walls to find them.

In term of enemies, there are three types: the smiley red ball (which can’t wait to take a bite out of you), the blue triangle (which shoots big square shots from its cyclops eye, and the almighty three-eyed green thingy. Personally, I would have liked to have more than three generic enemies. From the weapons side of the equation, your arsenal has five range weapons and one melee. Some of the range weapons will have a small amount of ammunition but are very deadly, so use them as the last resort. Also, within each level you’ll be able to pick up medic cases (which will regenerate your health), shields (which will give you additional armor) and of course,  well-needed ammunition. Also, some of the power ups can be used to boost your heath or armor; use them if you really need to.

Graphically, I really like these big pixels artwork; it works splendidly and the soundtrack is fun and suits the game very well. There are a couple of glitches here and there, with the most prominent being that you occasionally get stuck when you jump.


+ Fun Pixel graphics
+ 18 stages to clear with 5 levels of difficulties
+ Well-designed levels with secret areas
+ Fun, easy to play with good replayability
+ Leaderboard
+ Achievements and trading cards


- I’d like to see more enemies
- Occasional glitches

Review Summary

Personally I really like this game and I encourage everyone to give it a go.  If you are a fan of FPS - it’s a no brainer! 

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10