Goosebumps Dead of Night


Slappy is a ventriloquist dummy created by the horror story writer, R.L Stinewriter, who has been trapped within his magical typewriter.  With Stinewriter trapped, Slappy will be left to run riot. You play as Twist and you must place Slappy back within the pages of the book, Night of the Living Dummy. R.L. Stinewriter tells you that you must stop him and that you’ll need the book, which he thinks is at the end of the hallway. Upon finding the book you realise that something is wrong; you can’t return Slappy back into the book as there are pages missing.

There are ten missing pages that you’ll have to find before you can return Slappy back into his book. The missing pages can be hidden anywhere - behind books, under beds, behind sofas - so you’ll have to search high and low to recover them. Not everywhere is currently available for you to check; certain rooms are blocked off until you find missing pages or unlock them. These doors are indicated by being covered in green slime; once available to you the green slime will disappear.

As you search for the missing pages, you will come across other books with pages torn out from them. These books are some of Stinewriter’s other stories, and some of the monsters from the books may be roaming around, set free by Slappy. They will try and stop you from completing your mission so run and hide until you’re safe to move on again. You’ll be able to hide in many places, such as under a bed, in cupboards, wardrobes and other places. Moving silently around will help hide you from the monsters, whereas running and walking can alert the monsters to your whereabouts. Once you’ve found all the pages and completed the book, you’ll have a confrontation with Slappy, where you’ll have to return him back into the book. After defeating Slappy you’ll move onto the next chapter.                                                         

Goosebumps Dead of Night is a fun first-person spooky adventure which is played out over three chapters. The game is best played wearing a headset so that you’re more immersed in the game. I think the price is a bit much but in a sale with a decent discount it might be more in line with people's pockets. There is a warning at the start of the game for Photosensitivity Epilepsy; while I don’t suffer from this, others might. The one problem I did have while playing was that it made me feel sick and queazy. This isn’t something that I normally suffer from, so I’m not totally sure why I felt sick.

In the options you’ll find settings for Volume (Master, Music, Sound Effects, Voice and Ambient Volume Sliders), and Control (Camera Sensitivity Slider, Invert Y Axis, Toggle Sprint, Subtitles, Hide HUD, Gamma Slider, V-Sync and Restore Defaults).


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+ Good graphics and atmosphere
+ Enjoyable
+ Has achievements


- Quite expensive
- No cards

Review Summary

Help free R.L Stinewriter and return Slappy back into the Night of the Living Dummy book, where he belongs, in this horror stealth survival game.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10