Prepare yourself for an extraordinary journey through an outlandish world. The hero of this bizarre adventure Ikk heads out into the dangerous world, unselfishly risking their life to find one special trinket to make their only friend, Sally, happy again. She is a behemoth of a whale that has been trapped on land, making her sad. You will be traversing through the bowels of a world full of unforgiving creatures that will protect their territory at all costs; it's you or them! Your only hope is a quick hand and a keen eye if you hope to survive.

Released on Oct 12, 2016, by the developer Art in Heart and published by Raw Fury, it is tagged as Indie, Platformer, Shooter, Rogue-like, Difficult, with no additional tags needed. It is an incredible platforming game that is tough as nails, even downright brutal at times. With rogue-like elements in a randomly generated world driven by a set of fascinating mechanics, it features dark yet colorful minimalistic graphics that are exceptionally well designed.  A charming soundtrack and superb sound effects add to your immersion and the overall tempo of the game. With procedurally generated levels, no two games are ever the same. There is a vast number of unlockables for weapons, and abilities to seek out as you venture deeper into the world. Tons of secrets scattered throughout and multiple dynamics at play give you plenty to discover. Daily challenges allow every player around the globe to have a chance to play to compete for the highest score. Which leads us to the leaderboards, where you will be competing with your friends and global players for that glorious top spot. Full controller support allows you to play your way.

What a riot I have had playing this one! I tend to avoid rouge-likes as my age catches up with me (trust me, one day you will understand - lol). Being published by Raw Fury, I had to give it try as I admire their taste in games. I am so glad I did not pass on this title, though it can be quite brutal at times - the action and platforming are some of the most addictive I have played in years. I have been battling it out with one of my boys since I let him try it (I bought him a copy, so now he is trying to show the old man up). We would have liked to have had it as a 2-player title, as we often sit here on my ID and take turns (so he earns some of my high scores). Which is fine by me, as I believe in playing it my way.  It would be an amazing couch potato game.

It is a learn-as-you-play game in which you will discover many things as you progress; everything that makes it tick you need to learn on your own. There is a tutorial that will show you the basic mechanics. The platforming can be quite intense; finding all of the secrets and finding the combination of items that suit your style is key to your success. Discovering them keeps pushing me on death after death, exhilarated me more every time I discover a new one. Once you battle through the levels to the boss you will have a difficult fight on your hands. Beat the boss and you will get to see Sally and give her your trinket to see if it the perfect one; even if it isn't she will give you a gift in return and smile. You can also visit death to change your loadout from your collection for the ones that you have found. At a fair price for the endless amount of playability, it’s a great addition to your library for you platforming addicts who like a challenge. I wish you luck on your adventure; I hope you have as much fun as I am!

Review written by DamageInc.for Zeepond.com!



+ Superb Graphic Design
+ Amazing Platforming
+ Brilliant Mechanics
+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Full Controller Support


- I Simply Have Nothing (besides we would love multiplayer)

Review Summary

GoNNER: A Captivating Rouge-Like Platformer with Challenging Gameplay that is Addictive and Satisfying. An Instant Gem in the Genre!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10