Golden Treasure: The Great Green


Welcome to the magical realm of Golden Treasure: The Great Green. In this fascinating title, we will be taking control of a dragon from the moment of its creation. You will need to learn the ways of the Kin (your species the Draak) and the world around you; our creator will give much knowledge and power before you are released into this world. You have laws you must follow or you will surely perish.  You will need to maintain your need for sustenance and take life to sustain your own, as the destroyer. We must also be creators and complete the circle of life; there are two types of creators, the givers & the birthers. When we reach maturity you will seek another great being of the opposite nature to create a new life in the dance of creation. To reach this point you will need to take many lives and collect as much treasure to display your worth to your kin. Only when your power has grown and you gather ample treasure will you be able to find another kin to accept you in the dance of creation. You may lose your life 3 times and restart that day before your game is over and you must start a new game; you will carry over attributes you have gained from previous lives.

Released and self-published on Jun 17, 2019, by the developer Dreaming Door Studios. This is the developer’s first release on Steam. It is a hybrid RPG/Visual Novel, Adventure, with Choices Matter gameplay. I would rate it challenging, but not hardcore. It features a sensational hand-painted art, with over 100 pieces of work in the game. Open world gameplay with 3 separate areas to conquer. A riveting storyline that unfolds, told with elegant poetry & dialog with thousands of choices to make as you build your story from the many unique endings. A lovely soundtrack that is relaxing and pleasant. A clever 3-part hunting system which is also choices matter on how you approach your prey. Notable Combat with over 70 adversaries that utilizes 4 types of earth magic that you will need to upgrade along the way if you wish to reach maturity. Along with labyrinths to explore with their own stories to tell, treasures and artifacts to find, and even some secrets to be discovered. A built-in tutorial is also available and can be skipped. There is a demo available to try before you buy as well.

For Settings.
Resolution and graphics quality, windowed mode are set in the launcher.
In-game settings include audio control sliders, brightness, font size, and colored text checkbox. Skip chase scenes and background parallax tick boxes.

I must admit that I went way out of my normal genre with this title. I have never really gotten into visual novels but the blending in genres for this one intrigued me. With its gorgeous hand-painted scenes, an incredible story is told in an elegant writing style that flows like a symphony of words. Along with the story being based on dragons, it pretty much sealed my fate playing the title as I have an infinite love for unique visual art and dragons both. I was actually impressed with the design of the game; I may try additional visual novels in the future if they blend into other genres as this one has. 

This is a rather challenging title; I am in my third attempt now. It is a rather addicting title in which I find hours have passed by when I sit down to play. It took me a little while to understand the combat system. With the 4 different earth powers you have to upgrade, some creatures will be beyond your abilities till you progress. I did like the fact that you get three lives before your game is over and you have to restart a new game.  Also that you carry over some stats and artifacts you may find. Each playthrough I learn more and more that helps me in my next game. I hope to survive to make it to the great green this time!

Achievement-hunters will want to note that it may be difficult to reach 100% for the title. In my nearly 7 hours I have managed to unlock 2 of 21.


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+ Visually Striking Graphic Art
+ Elegant Soundtrack
+ Amazing Genre-Blending Design
+ Steam Achievements


- No Steam Trading Cards (currently)

Review Summary

Golden Treasure: The Great Green: A Stunning Work of Art Whose Story is Told with Such Elegance That it will Leave You Wanting More.

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10