(Early Access Review. As an early access release, you may experience bugs, content, interface and optimization changes. If you are not excited to play the title in its current state and to help support the title to full release by reporting bugs and requesting additional content, you may want to wait for further development.)

In a cyberpunk city that has been taken over by a game corporation, where cybernetics and augmentation are the new normal, the Game Art corporation informs you that your employment with them has just been terminated. You're also informed you must relinquish your company-owned apartment within 24 hours.  As you finish reading the mail from them there is an explosion that rocks the apartment complex, knocking you to the ground. You gain your footing and set out to escape from the building which is on fire; there are armed men in the building and you avoid them until you can make it to the building's exterior. Once outside you are confronted by a bunch of police officers who use a shocker to immobilize and take you into custody. You wake up in a laboratory with your head aching; the area is brightly lit and you can hear muffled voices in the next room. You can overhear part of the conversation (they have forgotten to sedate you again); you open your eyes and must try to escape. Once you manage to get free you seek medical attention at a clinic in the city and after some tests, the receptionist informs you of a weird drug in your system and sends you to see a gentleman named Old School, over at the Cyberpussy Club, who knows more about it. He tells you that they have done some experiments on your brain, that he can help you, but you must help him as well. We now head to the city and do jobs for Old School as we piece together the story of who has done this and why.

Released & self-published on Apr 16, 2019, by the developer Steppe Hare Studio, this is their 5th release on Steam since Dec 2017, and is currently in Early Access. This indie title is a cyberpunk, top-down, action, adventure, stealth shooter with RPG elements. Built with the Unreal 4 engine, it utilizes a low poly graphics style, with vibrant and colorful world design. It is a challenging game; I would not rate it as casual at the current stage of development.  The A.I. is quite challenging with no difficulty settings for the title. There is a large assortment of weapons and augmentations for you to purchase as you earn money working for Old School, and these will help you gain an edge on your missions. It has a fair audio design as well; I would expect further polish for it before reaching final release. Each of the missions is individually handcrafted, with tons of alarms, turrets, and guards to make your missions difficult; there will also be pickups stashed around for you to pick and use.

As an early access title, it has a pretty solid base in place already. It is challenging and fun but can be frustrating. Once you start getting upgrades the game does get a lot better balance to it. Stealth is your key to survival, attempting RNG Rambo maneuvers will more than likely end in your demise as the guards sound the alarms and will bring in hit squads to terminate you. I admit that I have found the title to be a bit over-challenging for my taste; I am slowly making progress as I upgrade my guns and augmentations. I would recommend possibly adding difficulty settings to be better suited to a larger audience of gamers. The controls seem a bit lose still and balancing of the weapon fire still needs a bit of love. As from what I have played thus far there seems to be about 30% of a hit chance, even if you are standing and carefully aiming.

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+ Steam Achievements
+ Steam Trading Cards
+ Challenging Gameplay


- Needs Some Balancing

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Geeksos:  Cybernetic Espionage in an Augmented Cyberpunk World!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10