Game Soup


Game Soup is a fast-paced parody of some game favorites from our past, brought to you by Game Soup LLC.

Starting a new game will take you to a screen where you’ll notice four hearts on the left side of the screen; these are your lives in the game. Next you’ll have a bowl of soup placed in front of you, then a few seconds later you’ll be taken into a random game.

There are forty-six different mini-games in total, randomly generated each new game. The games are simple and may take a few tries to figure out what needs to be done. You’ll have to be quick in figuring them out though, as you’re up against a time limit. You’ll need to either complete or survive a game before the time limit runs out to proceed to the next one. If you don’t successfully complete a game, then you’ll lose one of those precious four hearts of yours.

The length of time for each game is shown on the bottom of the screen and is divided into four parts. Each section of this time bar only lasts for a few seconds and will be gone before you know it. At times this can be frustrating as you try and figure how what you’re supposed to be doing. After a while of playing though, you’ll get the hang of what it is you need to do.

The types of games you’ll find in the game range from answering questions correctly, moving something from one point to another, dodging falling items, making correct observations, playing space invaders, karate, snake and many more. Each time you complete a game you’ll move back to the soup bowl screen where you’ll have another one placed in front of you. While on the soup screen, in the bottom right of the screen it shows you the bowl of soup you’re currently on.

When you reach twenty-five bowls, you’ll have a bowl of soup which doesn’t look as appetizing as the others you’ve scoffed so far. This one is purple with a skull and cross-bones floating on the top.  This level is different. You’ll take control of the monkey you may have come across earlier in the game. Flying on your cloud and with coconuts in hand, you notice in front of you a big bowl.  Items will appear and come towards you which you must shoot and destroy before they hit you, after which a cat (shape of a game boy) will climb out of the bowl which you’ll need to conquer.

In the options you’ll find Audio; Music and Sound FX Sliders, Graphics; Full Screen or Window mode. If you choose windowed you have a selection of window sizes ¼, ½, ¾ and 1 which I think depends on your current desktop resolution. You can also set the Anti-Aliasing here with the options of either, Off, x2, x4 or x8, V-Sync On/Off are the final options for this game.

The controls are straight forward to use and you have the choice of either keyboard and mouse (WASD or Arrow Keys along with Left Click or Space Bar) or you can use a game pad. You can also unlock more difficult and faster game modes, along with endless mode by completing the game.

Game Soup is a nice little game which you can play when you’re short on time. I did find it a little frustrating at first, especially as I couldn’t figure somethings out before the time ran out, but I got there eventually. The game looks and runs smoothly and isn’t hard to play, but one slip, and those lives can disappear quickly.


Review written by Piston Smashed™ for!


+ Fun little game
+ Nice and bright graphics
+ Achievements
+ Three quid for a bowl of soup


- Frustrating at first when trying to figure out what to do
- No cards

Review Summary

Complete mini games against the clock as you stuff yourself on bowls of Game Soup.

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10