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As a young tadpole, I couldn’t wait to get my three fingers on my favourite monthly comic books. I used to devour them like a hungry beast as soon as I had them in my little green hands. I always found it amazing how these comic book creators could come out with new stories and twists so quickly and publish books month in month out for decades. Others were not so lucky. For instance, the creator of the dashing hero, “Fury”, only published 3 comic books before running out of creativity. But boy, they were something! This Fury guy came up against incredible armies, villains from different eras and even from space. The guy could do some damage, and you are going to relive those adventures in Fury Unleashed!

Fury Unleashed is a fast-paced action roguelike side-scrolling platformer game developed and self-published by Awesome Games Studio on the 9th of May 2020 on the Steam platform. The game is also available on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The game consists of 3 comic books that have four chapters each and include a main boss fight. There are 4 levels of difficulty in this game, but you’ll only be able to play in the easy or hard difficulty at first. The other 2 levels would probably be a lot harder, but I can’t tell you in detail as I have not yet managed to finish the game on the hard level of difficulty.  

After selecting one of the two heroes available to you on your first attempt (there are nine heroes to unlock and you can create a personal hero through the Steam workshop), you‘ll be fighting either solo or with a friend on your local machine in the Amazon Jungle first, then in a secret Nazi base, and finally in an Alien mothership for your last adventure.

The game is challenging to say the least, and I strongly suggest playing in the easy mode of difficulty for a while so you can level up your character after each attempt and earn skill points which you can use to upgrade him/her, hopefully making your next playthrough easier and moving on to the next book.

The gameplay is basically moving from one room to the next, collecting as much black ink as possible by killing all the enemies within the room and, of course, avoiding being hit too frequently. The trick is to keep your combo alive so each time another foe falls while the combo is live, the enemies will drop more black ink when they die. They will also drop gold but in a small amount. Make sure you collect as much gold as possible as you will need to purchase health and some other goodies.  These goodies will come through chests and personality icons throughout the chapters. The conventional chests will usually give you either a new range weapon or armour, and by the way, they are free but are not necessarily better than what you are currently carrying. The red chest will usually give you stunning items/skills, but it will cost in life points, sometimes quite heavily; you might lose up to 80 per cent of your health for these items or skills. Do think twice before you take what is on offer as you really don’t know what the next room looks like. It will be the same when you meet the Devil Icon and Vlad the Peaceful, There are a few other character icons, as well as portals, but I’ll let you discover them as you play.    

The other things to be careful of in each of the room are the obstacles. For example, you’ll have skulls on walls spitting fireballs or acid and giant circular saws (fixed or moving) in the Amazon comic book levels, wall-mounted machine guns in the secret Nazi base, and lasers on the Alien mothership, to mentioned a few.  Each room will also have breakable items, such as vases and crates, and some of them hold gold which is always good, so don’t hesitate to smash them as you see them.

In each of the books, chapter one is usually the easiest to navigate, although that also will depend on what upgrade you might acquire during the chapter, such as new weapons or amour. But as soon as you manage to reach the second chapter, the difficulty will increase rapidly, and you might enter a few rooms that hold a mini boss. In fact, there are two mini bosses’ rooms in chapters two and three, and you might take on severe damage fighting those bosses ahead of the ultimate fight in chapter four.

Between the three comic books, there are 30 mini bosses as well as 9 main bosses to defeat (3 in each comic book), which dramatically increases the replayability in this game. What is also very important to know is that when you die, you restart the game from the first comic book until you manage to beat the 3 main bosses of that book. If you manage to do so, you will be able to start your next playthrough from the second comic book if you wish. And it will be the same if you beat the three main bosses in the second comic book; you’ll be able to play the third comic book straight away on your next playthrough. Personally, I prefer to start from the Amazon book as it will take quite a while to level up and therefore earn an extra skill point.

I played Fury Unleashed solo and must say that it is staggeringly addictive, and if you love tough games as I do, it will be very hard to drag yourself away. As far as I’m concerned, it’s bloody MARVELLOUS!    

Fabulous comic-style graphics and the soundtrack is a cracker! Stacks of enemies to fight against, including 30 mini bosses and 9 main bosses. Significant Skill tree upgrade and fabulous gamepedia which includes hero and enemy statistics. You have full control support but can play with your keyboard if you like.


Review written by THE CPT FROGGY for Zeepond.com!


+ Fabulous artwork
+ Stacks of enemies to fight within 3 comic books
+ Stacks of weapons and armour
+ 30 mini bosses and 9 main bosses
+ 9 different heroes to unlock and the possibility to create your own in the Steam workshop
+ Single-player, local co-op and re


- Give us more Fury comic books!

Review Summary

Let’s take on armies from a different era! Smash goons, mini bosses and main bosses; it’s time to let loose the Fury Unleased!

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Zeepond Rating: 9/10