Welcome to Fobia, where you take control of a little girl in a red cloak - our protagonist. Scared and alone she must run and jump through a variety of enemies and puzzling traps. Through caves and forests her journey will be full of perilous danger, as not only do her enemies want her dead, the environment also means to murder her in a multitude of ways. The journey will not be easy; death shall find you often as you pit your wits against the puzzles that await you.


A 2D Indie Adventure, released in June 2018 by developer, Tapteek, that has a hand-drawn minimalistic art style with a good soundtrack and smooth controls. The controls for the game only require moving left and right and jumping. The game has full controller support also, for those who prefer to use controllers. There are two different endings; not really sure how to get the other ending as of yet - will have to replay to see if I can get to it.

The game is a pretty straight forward platformer, running and jumping to avoid enemies and navigating the puzzles and traps. It takes around an hour to play through, depending on how often the puzzles hold you up and make you try and try again to get past them. There were a few that I found to be rather difficult. The minimalistic art style is aesthetically pleasing and not too busy to draw away from the game play. The soundtrack was very enjoyable to listen to as you play the game, and actually stole part of the spotlight of the game. As I played through, the family was sitting and watching, and many pleased comments on the soundtrack ensued.

We have enjoyed playing Fobia very much. One of my boys had to do a playthrough also, as he loves platformers. I really would not label the game as Hardcore, but there are a few traps that took many attempts to master.  I could be rusty at platformers, or maybe I’m just getting old :p! I loved the art-style of the game; unique art styles are a passion of mine and I collect them avidly.

One issue with the game was the hitboxes; for some of the environment, what looked like an easy miss would still get a hit detection, mainly where spikes are on the water wheels and other various traps. I would love an update to address this. It isn’t game-breaking by any means, but it was annoying for some of the traps. The death animations could also use an overhaul. The running graphics and movement were smooth, but upon death, your body just kind of falls over.  I believe they could do a little better for the death scene. So, all in all, nothing that will really break your immersion but just a couple of things I think should be addressed to make the game better.


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+ Full Controller Support
+ Lovely Hand-Drawn Art-style
+ Great Soundtrack
+ Fair Price Line
+ Challenging Game Play


- A bit Short
- Hitboxes could be tighter
- No Trading Cards
- No Achievements

Review Summary

Fobia: A Hand-Drawn 2D Puzzle Platformer - Do You Have the Skill to Survive?

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Zeepond Rating: 8/10