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Farming Life is a super casual, light-hearted take on a farming simulator. Well, it’s not so much a simulator as a farming clicker. Like many in the genre, Farming Life takes you out of the urban city jungle life, throws you into a peaceful empty little land and lets you build up from there.

Like any other in the genre, you’re building up from scratch, or using some farm elements already in place, you’re just fixing it up and trying to make a living out of it.

Same here, but in Farming Life’s case, this is a bit too casual, to the point that you're missing out on a lot of intimate farming sim staples. Some I can totally understand as creative cuts, and some make no sense, like deep management and chin automation.

More on that later, but what makes Farming life truly unique is the fact that it’s super easy to get into and easy-going all the way.

This makes me think this is mostly targeted towards kids, teaching them some management values, all while educating them about basic farming.

Plot: After a bustling life in the big city, remember the good old days of farm life, you finally decide to move back to your native farmlands far away from the busy urban jungle that you once called home.

Moving back, you fall into disbelief and shock, as your once glorious farmland is now piled up into rubbish.

But you committed to start a new life here, so better get to work and get this place back up running.

Gameplay: You play as SAM and LINDA the dynamic duo, trying to fix up this piece of farmland to make a living out of it.

After a brief voiceless animated intro, you are thrown into one of the most repetitive and rusty walkthrough tutorials I have ever witnessed. However, this tutorial goes through almost all of the features, which is always a plus in my book.

But mixed with the game's clunky control scheme, this was a hard one to go through. For the first two features, nothing worked, and I tried everything.

The game is just stuck; I thought it was a technical issue, but nope, I had to move and zoom enough to get the function going.

The second time I was stuck in the rubbish cleaning scene, and once again I tried everything but nothing worked.

I gave it a few restarts and all of a sudden the Rubbish cleaning feature started working!

Okay cool, everything started to work fine from thereon. But the tutorial kept on going!

The game literally turned into a point and clicker. But thank god at least I was able to play the damn thing.

One by one, I started to get new workloads, and each time I finished one, a new set of features started to be unlocked – buying and refurbishing new land, buying equipment, hiring workers, etc.

I was kinda hoping to see some actual detailed farming sim stuff, like planting seeds, watering the plants, buying animals, and breeding from a pair or two, etc.

But nope, you just get prompts and have to go through two or three tabs to clear up a land, place building, place the animals, and Voila! You’re done.

Thankfully, you do have a chance to scale up, build, and invest more into the game. Each work done, harvest sold and cattle cooked you get more in the bank.

Employee management: You do have an Employee management system from where you can hire and fire everyone except SAM and LINDA.

This management system does nothing more than monitor daily gains and employee reputations.

Controls: Well, again this is not a simulator; it’s a glorified farming clicker where for every action you just have to select the character and point them in the right direction.

And in the right direction, I mean, after selection you will have to select where they need to be/go and click that area to lead the characters/NPCs there.

The same goes for farming, harvesting, and breeding animals. Select the right function from the appropriate tab, clear out a piece of land, select and place the correct building, and Wallah, you’re down! Now there will be a harvest automatically, animals will be bred and taken care of automatically, etc.

And that’s about it.  I showed this game to its appropriate audience, my five-year-old cousin, and he loved its simplistic point and click style gameplay.

World design: Farming life is set in a little piece of blocky cartoonish land, full of thick green vegetation and forests.

As you work on the land, it slowly but surely starts looking like a nice piece of farmland on which to live.

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+ Nice family-friendly plot
+ Simple point, click, and drag gameplay
+ Repetitive yet well-explained tutorial
+ Visually pleasing
+ Enough freedom to make this farm to your liking
+ Great educational tool for kids


- Not a Sim
- Controls could be better; it’s simple yet clucky
- Missing a lot of key genre features
- Technical issues such as the stuck menu, keys not working, etc

Review Summary

Help SAM and LINDA build their farming ambition from the ground up and make a sweet living out of it.

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Zeepond Rating: 5/10