Fantasy Ball


Welcome to an energetic family-friendly multiplayer couch potato game that contains a nice selection of game modes capable of providing hours of entertainment. Grab some friends and prepare yourself for a furious battle to be boss of the arena. Its fantasy-based theme is cute and it’s fun to play the various maps with their different themes. It has a nice assortment of arenas and modes to choose from as well as the class modifiers giving the title a wide range of options to keep the game fun trying out different combinations. You can play with two to four players (there is no single-player for the title). With free-for-all, teams, or cooperative mode giving many options to enjoy.

Released & self-published on July 16, 2019, by the developer Pixel Sunset Studio; It is tagged as Indie, Sports, Local Co-op. I have added Casual, Family Friendly tags to the list. It features a rich colorful cartoonish visual design in a top-down birds-eye view. Its fantasy theme that shapes the characters and map design gives the title a fun setting to battle it out with friends and family. It is non-violent, opening the title to players of all ages with its core mechanic being making goals with the court's ball. With 4 characters to play, each with their unique ability, you can master each of them with ease. 10 fantasy-themed maps to play, half in a circular design and the other half squared. Including 4 game modes that can be played in any variation of players, as well as 4 class variants; these modes give the game a ton of variations to explore that result in a ton of laughter as you battle through them. With full controller support included, Xbox controllers are recommended.

We have had a fantastic amount of fun exploring all that the game has to offer. Three generations of my family played, as couch potato games are a hobby of ours. Myself, two of my boys and one of my grandsons joined in the fun. The action of the game is exhilarating; the pace is very fast, there is no dawdling or your score will remain low. It is a fine addition to our family collection, to be included now and then in our in-home matches. The graphics are simple yet elegant in their concept and we enjoyed it very much. The mechanics are simple to learn for basically any player of any skill level. Though its main gameplay is versus mode, the cooperative was a blast having all the players work together to get the ball in the required goal before time runs out repeatedly until you finally lose. High scores of course are the main goal for all players, and each variation of the game changes how you will accomplish this. Discovering all of them was a great time for everyone involved, we can't wait to get the rest of the family in who have not played yet. For all you local coop players out here, for the asking price of the title, you can't go wrong with this delightful indie game.

For the cost of the title I really cannot complain, I would have liked maps with a size variance as well as additional shape differences to keep the scene fresh during gaming sessions.

Note: Though it is a local coop game, internet capability can be achieved using Parsec, allowing you to play with your friends wherever they may be.

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+ Fun Family-Friendly Gameplay
+ Imaginative Visual Design
+ Intriguing Mechanics
+ Full Controller Support
+ Excellent Value


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- No Steam Achievements As Yet

Review Summary

Fantasy Ball: An Entertaining Family-Friendly Couch Potato Sports Game with Fast-Paced Action & Tons of Fun for Everyone!

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Zeepond Rating: 7/10